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  • Creator Backlash: The creator of the series, Yasuhiro Wada, left the series in the 2000s because it was drifting too far from his original vision. He had wanted a relationship-based series with a farming backdrop - for the series to predominantly be about relationships within the rural community - but others involved in the franchise wanted more emphasis on romance and on farming. They also began adding gimmicks in an attempt for mainstream appeal. Wada didn't like this so he left after Harvest Moon: Animal Parade. He has since created other titles, such as Hometown Story and Little Dragons Café, which fit his preference for relationship-centric stories.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • "Jill" for the first two female player characters after Sara, until their names were eventually revealed to be Claire [the blonde] and Pony [the brunette]. Most fans still use "Jill" over "Pony".
    • Many people refer to any of the male protagonists without an ingame default name as "Jack" despite the fact that the Wonderful Life "Jack" is "Mark", the Magical Melody one is "Tito", the Save The Homeland one is "Toy", and most others up until IoH were called "Pete".
    • The Grand Bazaar protagonists have no official names yet, but the fans call them "Hansel" and "Gretel".
    • The female Magical Melody protagonist is often called "Melody" instead of her canon name "Amanda" ("Tina" in Japan).
    • Doctor's name being "Tim" is this. It comes from mixing him up with another character. In most games he is "Doctor", but in the DS games he is "Trent".
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    • The Save the Homeland protagonist's name is likely "Toy" but fans overwhelmingly call him "Tony" instead.
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": To newer fans, this occurs quite often when characters from older games appear in newer ones:
    • For example, the first female protagonist, Sara, appeared for the first time in around ten years in My Little Shop. Her source games are obscure Game Boy games, thus obviously some people thought she was a new character.
    • In Magical Melody characters from the first game in the series have been mistaken for copycats of the Harvest Moon 64 characters, when in reality the 64 characters are actually descendants of them.
  • Name's the Same: Harvest Moon shares its name with a Neil Young album, a Blue Öyster Cult song, and a large produce company in the tiny island of Tasmania.
  • No Export for You: The soundtracks, 4-koma manga, and concept artbook are Japanese-exclusive.
  • Pop Culture Urban Legends: It's often spouted that Natsume took the "Harvest Moon" name away from Marvelous, forcing them to rename the series. In reality, Marvelous decided the new name on their own and left Natsume with the old name. As a result, Natsume decided to continue using the Harvest Moon name for their own series because Harvest Moon was their main moneymaker.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda:
    • The perma-locked sheds in A Wonderful Life, the many non-existent ways to open them, and the many little animals running around the valley wearing neckacheifs, and the many ways to 'recruit' them onto your farm. Becomes Ascended Fanon in Sunshine Islands: once you raise Animal Island, you can befriend the animals there and have them do certain chores for you - like gathering lumber and grasses.
    • Supposedly, if you get rid of the tablet Calvin gives you in Animal Parade in any fashion, he won't accept your marriage proposal.
    • Doctor's name being "Tim". In reality, there is no scene where he mentions his real name. The closest we get to a canon name is "Trent" (which is used in IOH and SInote ). "Tim" in Back to Nature is the name of a dog, but somehow fans mistook it for Doctor's name.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • In A Wonderful Life there was supposed to be a circus but the characters were scrapped, and eventually used for DS. Early screenshots show the dog was supposed to herd sheep and do tricks (the latter of which was added into the Distaff Counterpart game), the local cats would go outside, and your horse originally moved around more. For the Special Edition, instead of a daughter that resembles the father your daughter was supposed to have multiple looks (similar to your son) but this was scrapped due to technical limitations and time limits. Dummied Out items include an Ax item, two fishing lures, three unused records, and two Nursing Bottles.
    • In Tree of Tranquility, there's a slower, more ethereal-sounding, alternate mix of the Spring music that plays in the Sundae Inn at night throughout the year. It's really quite lovely. So, what could have been, you ask? The BGM tester in the Configurations menu reveals three other similar mixes, corresponding to the other three seasonal themes, that do not show up in the actual gameplay. It's quite possible the evening theme at the Sundae Inn was supposed to originally change according to the season, but since it stays with the slower Spring music throughout the year, it's hard to tell.
    • Animal Parade also features slower, remixed versions of the seasonal themes that pay at nightfall. These actually play in-game, when you're out on the field, running around, and they change according to the season. Fugue Forest's swamp section and Toucan Island even have their own slow nighttime music. It's also possible that, in Tree of Tranquility, the slower variations of the seasonal themes were supposed to kick in outside, during nightfall, and for whatever reason, it was scrapped in favor of the traditionally silent evenings the series usually has and the nighttime spring music just got shoved into the inn.
    • Trio of Towns had certain characters portraits edited in development. Most are just little things like the characters' outlines, though Yuzuki's skin was slightly darkened and his eyes narrowed while Lisette's shirt went from white to purple.
    • Harvest Moon: Back to Nature was originally a port of Harvest Moon 64. The team ended up changing so much that they went the full mile and made it a separate title.
    • The Band-Aid item from Back to Nature is Dummied Out in Friends of Mineral Town.
    • Before opting for Story of Seasons, potential renamings for the series were Plow & Propose, Summer Solstice, and Autumn Wind.

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