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Tear Jerker / Story of Seasons

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The sad side of the farming life, here is a compliation of Tearjerkers for the Story of Seasons series.

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  • The fact that the player has the ability to screw up a person's love life by doing or not doing things that result in the potential romance to never blossom. This ranges from the character not being around for most of the year and wooing their potential love interest (Kai) or causing them to have to leave town (Cliff), or even shooting themselves in the foot by picking a bad option during a love event.
    • Even worse, some of the later games give the player the ability to break up with the love interest they chose to go steady with. The break up scenes involve things such as the character asking why they have been ignored for so long and wondering if they've done something to offend or hurt the player character.
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  • Animals dying in various games. As odd as it is, the player does end up getting somewhat attached to the cows, sheep, and other animals they might acquire during the course of the game. And time gets spent on increasing their affection, their product levels, and after some in-game years have passed, the animal dies. Hits especially hard for Story of Seasons with Hanako, the first cow the player received as a gift from Eda. The player loses this one memento they have of the dear old lady.


Harvest Moon 64

  • Karen and her homelife, entirely. She's quite a drinker and party-lover, whose family's vineyard is slowly withering away, and does her best to stay away from her family as she can, wanting to move away to the city. Her father has a very quick temper and is an alcoholic himself, and her mother is very demure and timid. The implications that he beats his child and wife are there.
  • Ellen's death. Partly because it's out of nowhere, partly because any player of the original Harvest Moon game realizes that the friendly, young woman with a love for animals — a character the player might have married in that game — is dead. The worst part is that most players don't realize that their actions triggered the event. When Ellen begins to sit in a different spot from her usual one in the garden, don't talk to her!
    • It's also an in-universe tearjerker for Elli herself, who reacts very badly to this event. The usually cheerful baker ends up staring off into space and is close to tears for a long time, requiring quite some work of the player to cheer her up.
  • The vineyard used to be prosperous but has been dying for years. This has put an emotional strain on Karen, her mother, and her father. Karen and Gotz always argue, Karen wants to run away to the city, and Sasha is depressed. It's possible to fix the vineyard, but it's difficult without a guide.

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature/ (More) Friends Of Mineral Town

  • The revelation that Gotz had a wife and child that died in a storm. Certainly explains his rough, anti-social exterior.
  • Cliff is a ball of sadness. The fact that he's running out of money and will have to leave town if he doesn't find a job soon, which the player can purposefully avoid giving him, is just the tip of his iceberg. There's also a scene in Winter, where the player learns of his estranged family.
  • Talking to May reveals that her family life isn't that happy. She's getting raised by her grandfather, with it being mentioned that her mother simply dropped her off and never came back for her. And May is still hoping for her to come back one day.

Harvest Moon DS/DS Cute

  • With the game being very much like A Wonderful Life, Nina dies sometime after the player character has had a child. While the player may expect it this time around, it's nonetheless a hit. Especially since she is the only character to actually age and die.
  • Poor Galen, who mourns his beloved Nina. Compared to A Wonderful Life, the little hut near Vesta's Farm was his and Nina's home all along, not just a shack he retired to after her death. He now lives alone in a house he shared with his wife for who knows how many years.
  • The player character can get the rival couples married by watching their rival events. But talking to them after they are married, they reveal that they are not really that happy. Griffin feels like working with Muffy doesn't flow as well as before, though things have barely changed between them, and that she has an unpleasant jealous streak. Carter reveals that Flora has become stricter on him over various things, as well as that he's scared of her when she's angry. Lumina and Rock still butt heads because she wants him to become more responsible, while Rock laments that he feels like he lost his freedom when marrying her. And Marlin says that Celia has become feisty, but also snippier towards him. The only rival couple that seems genuinely happy are Nami and Gustafa.

Harvest Moon: Animal Parade

  • Gill reaction to the player character rejecting his love confession, in the Japanese version.
    Gill: I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to push my feelings on you. If there's someone else, you should tell him how you feel. ...Thanks for today.
  • Several of the lines from the Harvest King after marrying him. They really drive home the point of why he was so reluctant to marry the player character because of their different lifespans.
    After you are gone... I shall love what you loved... I shall sing the songs that you sang.
    After you are gone, I will be alone once more. When I think about that, it makes me sad.
  • Animal deaths are sad in every game, but in Animal Parade you'll be taken to cry over the animal's grave - and if you have any children, they'll stand and cry next to you.

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

  • The Searching for a Star picture show revolves around a catboy called Noah looking for a star. The star turns out to be his father, who died recently, and Noah's adventure was him having a sort of coma dream. Noah and his father talk, with him coming to terms with his father's death, but promising to take care of his mother and his future little sister, too.
  • The DLC adding Woofio as a potential love interest, his events take a turn down the darker path of things. He was spirited away as a child and turned into a living, empty dog suit. There is nothing beneath his dog costume, which has freaked people out that found out his secret in the past. Woofio chose to isolate himself and became closer to animals, learning their language and training them, because he felt nobody would be able to love someone like him.


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