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Nightmare Fuel / Stickin' Around

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  • In "Send in the Clones", Stacy and Bradley make clones of each other via a clone machine, which culminates with the clones sending Stacy and Bradley on Uranus! If it weren't for Stella and Stanley finding the kids, they would've been stuck on Uranus for God knows how long.
    • The episode ends with Lance and Russell (somehow) discovering the clone machine and making multiple clones of each other, ready to make Bradley's life a living hell.
  • Stella's high-pitched screech in "Disappearing Act", complete with an extreme close up of her mouth.
    • Really, the episode itself shows shades of adult fear. Because Stacy and Bradley are invisible (due to both of them putting on Stella's invisible ink), no one can see them. They try to get ice cream, only for the money to be invisible due to themselves being invisible, which results in the ice cream cashier sending the police after them. They only turn back to normal when Frank licks them with his saliva.
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  • Stacy's series of nightmares about picture day in "Photo Oops", including one where she wears a sailor suit, her pajamas, and another where she dresses like a hobo. It reaches its climax in the ending, where Frank gives Stacy the class picture, prompting her to scream bloody murder.
  • "Temper Temper" has Stacy and Bradley getting pissed off and turning into freaky, Kaiju-like monsters. Their own anger causes everyone else to turn into similarly creepy monsters, including Dill having two heads, the crippled girl being a winged dragon on a unicycle, Stella having miniature versions of herself coming out of her mouth when she roars and those mini versions having mini versions when they roar...
    • The ending where a giant Polly, who's pissed about being small, crushes everyone in the apartments flat.
    Stacy: Whoa! Temper temper.
  • Stacy and Bradley's imagine spot from "Yams Away", in which the two kids are fleeing from a rocket launched by Stella, telling Stacy that she can't make Thanksgiving dinner. Stanley chimes in and decided to make Thanksgiving dinner himself, and launches his own rocket. The two rockets collide, and the scene ends with Stacy and Bradley drowning in the water, all set to the series' cheery background music.
  • "Night of the Living Dumpster" has Stacy and Bradley being chased by a sentient dumpster who wants to eat them.
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  • The ending (or lack thereof) of "L-o-o-o-o-ng Weekend", where Stacy and Bradley are stuck having to run laps for gym class presumably for the rest of the weekend, where it ends in time having not passed at all.
  • The titular... thing from "Beware the Lunchwad", as it tries to devour Stacy, Bradley, and possibly everybody at the school. They're only just barely saved by the fat kid with the hard-boiled eggs and his nasty farts.
  • "Scared Stupid" involves Stacy watching a scary movie despite Stella telling her not to. Stacy ends up having nightmares, most notably one where she imagines Stella as an chainsaw-wielding maniac. It gets worse in the second act, where Stacy discovers that Bradley didn't watch the movie and forces him (along with Lance and Russell) to watch the movie, only to discover that they accidentally took a cleaning movie for Miss Mobley's class, which freaks out Russell. It gets even scarier during the climax, where the kids enter the classroom just when Miss Mobley puts on the horror movie, and the scene cuts outside the classroom as sounds of screaming and chainsaws are heard as Principal Coffin casually walks by. At the end, Miss Mobley re-enters her classroom and sees all of her students (sans Stacy) in catatonic states, scared shitless by the movie.


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