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Nightmare Fuel / Raven

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  • The scene on the first day of the final week of The Dragon's Eye, in which the remaining contestants, after stepping through the portal to start the final stage of their "quest" in the land of Darkness, were faced with a bunch of screaming Feral Children, who are roaming around the place. These children are said to be people who previously tried to claim the Dragon's Eye but failed. This was more unsettling than scary. But then you realise that the feral children are being played by the previously eliminated contestants who we watched vanishing altogether when they "died". Whether they are intended to be them for real is unclearnote , but it is certainly implied, and the sight of them jeering and laughing at their former teammates, then trying to hold them captive while beating on the doors, still jeering...
  • There's Raven's reaction to it. He's madder than we've ever seen him, threatening Ervan in a way almost devoid of his usual Badass Boast, and openly ranting at and admonishing these feral kids who are so scared of him that they let the contestants out right away. To think that they might have been his former students...
  • There's the scene in the final episode when Arkil has to reach into a cage to get the Dragon's Eye (which had rats and scorpions crawling around it).
  • The ash cloud in the Blasted Mountain challenge was creepy. It was wheezing, as if the cloud itself was alive!
  • Torture Chamber in Series 5 and 6 due to the atmosphere and the fact that the two warriors doing the challenge had to get rings and a key to get out before the demon could claim them as it's victims. Doesn't help that no one won it in Series 5 but at least Raven has the power to rescue them.
  • Any challenge in which a demon is in pursuit of the warriors such as Water Demon or The Gorge. Granted it is a TV game show so they're not in any real danger but still...
    • The demons themselves. Though they are just men wearing cloaks, that doesn't stop them from being very creepy and sinister. They appear in the middle of nowhere, have no face to show, they say nothing and are played by completely unknown actors. The ominous droning sound that sometimes accompanies them is also quite chilling. Finally, the way they take warriors up close is hair-raising, since they pick up speed to get to them, place their arms in front of them from behind and zap them away.
  • Raven nearly letting his anger get the better of him in Raven: The Island and being tempted to go to Alaunus to help his warriors when frustrated at not knowing what is happening to them. It's jarring to see him snap at Cyrus (who does calm Raven down and reminds him to use his head) especially since Raven is usually not one to let his emotions go out of control.
  • Any time a warrior is scared of heights and doing a climbing challenge can hit home for viewers who also share that fear e.g. Kinia's first attempt at Leap of Faith in Series 2.