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The game show:

  • Edited for Syndication: When Raven: The Dragon's Eye re-aired in 2015, the first episode's Cold Open (which explains that the quest to obtain waters from the Secret Temple was successful) was removed, presumably because Raven: The Secret Temple had not been re-aired.
  • Irony as She Is Cast: James Mackenzie is afraid of heights yet played the titular character who turned into a flight-capable bird. In an interview, he revealed that he actually was not scared of heights as a child despite this being the case for him as an adult. He also still wanted to be able to attempt the Leap of Faith himself during the original run of the show.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The show doesn't air on TV anymore, but all of the episodes are on YouTube along with various clips. The only DVD release was of the final week of Series 6.
  • No Export for You: The only other country this show has aired in besides it's home country of the U.K. is Canada.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Aisha Toussaint, who is the current presenter as of series 11, watched the show as a child.
  • Real-Life Relative: Michael Mackenzie, who is the father of James Mackenzie (Raven) , plays Raven's mentor Cyrus in Raven: The Island.
  • What Could Have Been
    • In the 11th and 12th series, the name Aisha Toussaint's Raven had when she was a warrior was originally going to be revealed but since the plot focuses on her role as the new Raven, this did not happen.
    • Sticking with the revived series: the new version of Battering Ram was supposed to be a two versus two team challenge as shown in an illustration on the map. Unfortunately, the budget was not big enough for that and it became a challenge all four of the warriors had to do as one team.
    • According to an interview done by the Force of Raven forum with James Mackenzie, the third spin-off series was supposed to be filmed in Morocco but was changed to being filmed in Scotland and became Raven: The Dragon's Eye.
    • In an interview for The Raven’s Eye fan magazine, Lindsay McKenzie stated that she was originally considered to appear in The Secret Temple, before it was decided to bring in Tara Sharma, being an Indian actress to fit the theming of said series. It was not stated whether Lindsay was going to reprise her role as Erina, or if she was meant to originally play Satyarani.
  • Word of Saint Paul: Several former warriors and crew members have talked about their experiences on the show after joining The Force of Raven forum. In an interview, James Mackenzie revealed that he would meet all of the warriors in each series of the original run the night before filming started so that they would be able to get along well with him both on and off screen.

The wrestler:

  • Breakup Breakout: Raven was already well-established when he created The Gathering (aka Raven's Nest iteration #387) in TNA, but he's been outshined by two of its members. One is Mickie James, who became one of the most popular and recognizable female wrestlers on the planet (although overall Raven is probably still the bigger star). The other is CM Punk, who probably outstrips everyone to ever be a part of any of Raven's stables in success (Raven included), being a five time world champion in the WWE and a superstar whose popularity could only rival John Cena and Daniel Bryan. The third member, however? Julio Dinero has faded into almost complete obscurity afterwards.
  • Creative Differences: His reason for leaving the Continental Wrestling Association and why Scotty Flamingo's first WCW run came to an end.
  • Creator Backlash: His "Scotty Flamingo" and "Johnny Polo" gimmicks. This was even joked about in some of Raven's indy appearances, where chants of "Johnny Polo" from fans — spurred on by Mick Foley! — started driving him insane.
  • Creator Breakdown: If you know anything about Raven's party days, he made Animal House look like Barney the Dinosaur. There's even a persistent rumor that he once accidentally snorted sheet rock after mistaking it for blow he found in a dealer's house.
  • Doing It for the Art: WWE tried to transition him out of the ring and into a backstage position because Vince didn't think Raven matched with the "land of the giants" he was building, but Raven was an artist, he wanted to wrestle.
  • Follow the Leader: What has WWE borrowed from Raven? The Flock/cult leader angle (with the Ministry), the boyhood-best-friend-hates-your-guts angle (The Undertaker and Kane), we could go on. But the Taker crucifying Stone Cold was outright theft.
  • Hostility on the Set: Despite being his entourage in two promotions, he did not get along with Terri Poch backstage when she was paired with him in NWA or WWE. It was said that the "Ninja girl" angle that Terri had in her last WWE run was quickly dropped after she and Raven got into an intense screaming argument backstage after one match.
  • Money, Dear Boy: He admits that this was the only reason he originally left ECW for WCW.
  • Playing Against Type: Compare Raven to Johnny Polo, Scotty Flamingo and Scotty The Body.
  • Role-Ending Misdemeanor: He sued WWE to try and establish a proper union and bring healthcare to his fellow peers. It's not that he just sued them for healthcare, it's that he took them to court to challenge the mis-classification of employees. (This whole "independent contractor" business is eerily similar to the "Reserve Clause" in professional sports in the late 60s and early 70s.) Raven also got on Vince's bad side because he used to take Shane out drinking and carousing when Shane was younger, and Linda thought he was a bad influence. He did a shoot interview in 2003 where he talks about how wrestlers hated him for supposedly sucking up to Shane, and Raven would counter that he was probably burying himself by going out and partying with Vince's son. He did film some stuff recently for documentaries, but appearing on the main roster is another story.
  • Troubled Production: In a shoot interview, Raven talked about his hardcore match at WrestleMania 17 with Kane and The Big Show. Raven had devised a spot where he would try to escape on a golf cart and Big Show would jump on and attack Raven and/or hijack the cart, with Kane following in his own. The chase was supposed to happen around the entire arena, but five seconds in, Raven's cart hits a chain link fence, and stops, ending the spot. (One of the main power sources for the entire arena was behind this fence, and Raven later learned he came close to knocking out power for the entire arena.) The comedy is at partially saved when Kane runs over a downed Raven with his own golf cart.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • He did say on his podcast that Vince asked him to join the creative staff many times while he was in WWE, and who knows how things would be now if that had happened. He said that he's too lazy to do the 24/7 work that would be required of working for Vince anyway.
    • Billy Corgan was going to bring Raven in to head up creative with him in TNA. Raven did work with him in Billy's promotion in Chicago (Resistance Pro, it changed names a few times). During all the stuff that's come out lately, it was revealed that Dixie Carter (who owns TNA wrestling) would routinely stiff her employees, Corgan included, because she doesn't know how to be anything but a spoiled brat. So he left.
    • He originally wanted to debut the Raven character in SMW, where he was wrestling at the time under his Scotty Flamingo gimmick, but Jim Cornette couldn't get into the idea, leading him to call up Paul Heyman.
    • One of the dream matchups in ECW that never happened was him versus Sabu; Raven said that this almost happened multiple times in ECW, but reasons varying from creative disagreements to bad timings with injuries led to any possible match being scrapped. They'd eventually have their first singles match together at TNA years later.
    • He almost went back to WCW in late 2000 instead of joining WWF when they gave him another offer, especially since the bookers he hated were gone and he personally trusted Vince Russo more.