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For the Game Show:

  • In Raven: The Secret Temple, Nevar attempts to distract Raven by sending his Demons after the warriors. Raven gets up on his high horse about it, complete with the usual anti-evil speech... Until it's revealed that the "demons" are just watermelons on sticks. Seems even the master of all evil has a sense of humour.
  • Raven explaining the rules of Leap of Faith in Week 1 of Series 1.
    Raven: You seem a little pale at the prospect of this next challenge. Is there something wrong? Let me see... What have I forgotten? Treasure ring, climb up, jump off, grab the ring, plummet to the ground... (Chuckles) Oh yes. I nearly forgot to mention. You will be attached to this rope, just to make sure you don't break any bones.
  • In the fifth series, after one round of Demon Square, the two warriors who fell without getting a single question right are revived, upon which Raven comments that they don't have the knowledge of the Wisdom Tree, but they still do have something in common with it, "Your heads, too, are made of wood!"
    • Bonus points for these two warriors being the warriors who made it to the final from that week.
  • An earlier Demon Square playing in series 3 week 2 had all five warriors fail. After reviving them, Raven comments "You had gold in your sights but sawdust in your brains."
  • Another Demon Square, this one being from Week 2 of Series 4, had all of the warriors except for one successfully make it to the end. Before Raven brought back the warrior who lost, we got this funny exchange:
    Raven: A person without knowledge is like a tree without roots.
    Wisdom Tree: (Chuckles) I couldn't agree with you more.
  • In series 5 week three's playing of Millstone Towers, one warrior, Suhan, actually knocked a skull off a post when her team was running back to get a millstone. For context, both teams in that challenge kept knocking skulls down due to carelessness though most of the time it was done when getting millstones through each set of posts.
    • Suhan would go on to make the final.
  • Raven's comment about Aksu and Yonra's not so great performance in the leadership trial Rope Race in The Secret Temple and how the tangle of ropes possibly "tangled [their] minds".
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  • When Danil and Sonos failed Tower Build due to the former jumping for the rings before their tower was high enough, Sonos had the following to say in his Confession Cam:
"So when he jumped, the tower fell...unfortunately, on me." (Beat as Sonos tries not to laugh.)
  • The Long Staff challenge of Series 2 week 3 had numerous of these. After a relatively uneventful victory for Dyasa over Huiso, the next bout between the former and Ersca involved Ersca inexplicably trying to straddle Dyasa's tower and promptly getting knocked off. Skiha then anticlimactically beat Dyasa with one hit, letting off a Big "YES!" as she did so. Her subsequent battle with Ishal had the two laughing the entire time and looking ridiculous as they swung all over the place, trying to keep their balance. Finally, Warka let off a comically over the top "Woah!" as he lost to Skiha.
  • Several times throughout the show (particularly during the riddle challenges), Raven appears to become visibly annoyed - and occasionally amused - when the warriors fail the challenges, especially the warriors who are either at the very top or very bottom of the group. This is then almost always followed up with a quip about the warriors' apparent lack of skill and the warriors sheepishly trying to justify themselves on the Confession Cam.

For the wrestler:

  • At FMW Judgment day, he was fighting with Tetsuhiro Kuroda on the entrance ramp and got put in a cradle, which resulted in the two of them rolling down and almost tumbling off the side.