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Nightmare Fuel / Predator 2

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  • The opening sequence where the Colombians are being slaughtered by the Predator in the building. The many sounds of their screaming in the distance are horrifying.
    • The many snarling noises the Predator makes while inspecting its targets through its infrared lens.
    • Leona looking through the rooms and finding one of the Colombians dead with his chest cavity blasted open.
    • Danny ends up finding one of the dead Colombians' bodies strung up and hanging upside down from the glass ceiling. He follows a trail of blood leading up to the wall, complete with a Scare Chord (pictured above). Not long after Mike and his team exit the building, the Predator takes the hanging corpse with it.
  • The scene where Harrigan and his team first enter the Colombian drug lord's apartment, especially when they discover the skinned corpses of the Jamaican gang members strung up and hanging upside down (even though the gang members deserved what they got).
    • The aftermath of what happens after the Jamaican Voodoo Posse bursts into the apartment. Vega is strung up by his ankles from the ceiling and his mistress is made to watch, both still naked, as the Jamaicans ritualistically cut out his heart. As blood is smeared onto him from a dead chicken, Vega begs for mercy, even offering money in exchange for a chance to flee the city. The Jamaicans are not interested, and after telling him that "shit happens", Gold Tooth cuts out his heart.
    • How the men are executed by the Predator. One is blasted through his abdomen with the Predator's shoulder cannon. Another is shot and then trapped, pinned to a wall with the net cutting into his skin. The third and fourth men are impaled with extreme prejudice by the Predator's weapons, and the last gets a Scream Discretion Shot as he meets his fate at the hands of the Predator.
    • The Jump Scare as Jerry bumps into one of the skinned corpses hanging from the ceiling.
    • Whether the Jamaicans planned to kill Vega's mistress or let her go is not clear, but before they could act, the Predator burst in and slaughtered the Jamaicans in short order. Vega's mistress, being unarmed, was spared, but there's a brief shot indicating that the Jamaicans may have spent some time gang-raping her before moving on with killing Vega.
    Leona Cantrell: I don't know. She's not making any sense. She keeps saying, 'El Diablo vino por ellos.' The Devil came for them.
  • "Want some candy?"
    • A child playing around with a toy gun comes this close to being killed by the Predator. In a local cemetery. In broad daylight. While his parents are mere feet away. He only survives because the Predator can read through its lens that it is a toy gun and not a real weapon. But still. The kid runs back unscathed to his mother shouting, "Mommy, I saw a ghost!".
    • The Staggered Zoom shots of Danny's necklace hanging from a tree, as Harrigan aims his gun around, desperately looking around the cemetery and up at the trees for whatever left it there.
  • "Danny boy..."
    • Made even worse by the fact the Predator boned his corpse like a fish. Squick indeed.
    • The shot focusing on Danny's necklace as he is brutally murdered by the Predator off-screen. The sounds of his screams: "Oh, mother of god! Please, no!". The gunshots fired. The drops of blood hitting the necklace on the floor. The high-pitched screams the Predator makes as it kills Danny.
    • The coroner's description of Danny's wounds only makes it worse.
    Coroner: Your friend's death was the result of a massive intrusion in the chest cavity by an edged weapon that nearly cleaved the heart in two. Death was instantaneous. He was boned like a fish. I've never seen anything like this.
  • King Willie and his gang are quite creepy due to their voodoo practices and eerie behavior.
  • King Willie's death at the hands of the Predator. Smash Cut to his severed head being carried away by the Predator like a trophy as his battle cries/death screams are heard through the alley.
  • The Predator removing the flesh and hair from King Willie's skull. The squishing noises made as it is cutting away at the flesh with one of its blades. Sucking the brain juice and blood out with a tiny suction hose. Then placing the skull among the many other trophies won from its victims/enemies. Just how many more are there?
    • It gets worse when you notice there's a Xenomorph's skull in the collection. And everyone who has watched those movies knows how dangerous those things are.
  • The Jump Scare that is the Predator pulling off a Not Quite Dead moment on Harrigan and grabbing him by the throat.
  • The scene in the cemetery where Harrigan finds Danny's necklace hanging from a tree. It's terrifying enough to think some crazy assassin/criminal is actively stalking and taunting you, but the fact that it's actually a ruthless alien somehow makes it all the more chilling.
  • The Predator removing Jerry's skull from his corpse with the spine intact before fleeing the subway.
  • The Predator standing atop a building during a thunderstorm, holding its spear and Jerry's skull and spine aloft and roaring victoriously while it is hit by lightning.
  • The Predator's own dying shrieks when it is fatally stabbed with its own disk weapon are surprisingly disturbing, sounding like a wailing animal.
  • The cameo of the Xenomorph skull in the City Hunter's ship giving the subtle reminder that the Predators are likely far from the only unknown threat that humanity is mostly unaware of. For that matter, everything in that trophy case is implied to be something the Predator considered challenging enough to be worthy prey. And some of those beasts are intimidating-looking enough just from their skulls...
  • The ending to the film gives a sense of Harrigan barely returning with his life after he follows the Predator ship's flight path out of an underground tunnel. The ending soundtrack seems to suggest that this sense of victory is haunted by all the friends that Harrigan lost, and living with the knowledge of visitors from outer space hunting humans for sport.