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Nightmare Fuel / Predator 2

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  • The scene where Harrigan and his team first enter the Columbian drug lord's apartment, especially when they discover the skinned corpses of the Jamaican gang members (even though the gang members deserved what they got).
  • "Want some candy?"
  • "DANNY BOY..." Made worse by the fact the Predator boned his corpse like a fish. Squick indeed.
  • King Willie and his gang are quite creepy due to their Voodoo practices and eerie behavior.
  • The Jump Scare that is the Predator pulling off a Not Quite Dead moment on Harrigan and grabbing him by the throat.
  • The scene in the cemetery where Harrigan finds Danny's necklace hanging from a tree. It's terrifying enough to think some crazy assassin/criminal is actively stalking and taunting you, the fact that it's actually a ruthless alien somehow makes it all the more chilling.
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  • The Predator's own dying shrieks when it is fatally stabbed with its own disk weapon are surprisingly disturbing, sounding like a wailing animal.
  • The cameo of the Xenomorph skull in the City Hunter's ship giving the subtle reminder that the Predators are likely far from the only unknown threat that humanity is mostly unaware of.

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