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Headscratchers / Predator 2

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  • What happened to the upper half of Keyes' body when the Predator bisected him? When the Predator bisects him, only the lower half hits the floor.
    • Special Effects Failure. When the lower half hits the floor, you can see "blood" dribbling from where the top half was. If one wants to be generous, we can say that part of his liquid nitrogen pack (such as a hose) got hooked on one of the carcasses or meat hooks in the slaughterhouse. As Keyes tried to free himself, the disc cut him in half; the upper half was still hooked and thus hanging while the lower half fell to the ground (would also explain the blood pouring down).
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  • How in the actual hell did the Predators manage to park their ship underneath an apartment complex without anyone ever realizing? Especially when they took off?

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