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Nightmare Fuel / Nightmare Ned

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Judging by the name Nightmare Ned, both the video game and the Short-Runner definitely need Nightmare Fuel into them.

  • The whole game has some of this. Particularly the Drain Snake.
  • The gonkified Weird, Wild, and Wonderful are bad enough to look at, but they're even worse they start attacking and make creepy sounds.
  • This... thing. It gleefully hops up and down, trying to flatten you, while wearing that terrible Slasher Smile.
  • The giant disembodied Eldritch Abomination claws from the intro. Even more horrifying on the CD-ROM cover.
    • In the end, it's revealed that the giant monster that grabbed Ned is a giant monster version of himself!
  • There’s a lot of this particularly in the Graveyard stage. In one instance, you end up in a dark mausoleum where you must help a (presumably dead) little girl retrieve her nightlight from a bat, all while a piñata is painfully moaning in the background.
    • In the same stage, Ned ends up in his own parents' graves as their zombified corpses try to close in on him before he escapes.
  • The Hospital stage. The stage starts with Ned strapped down on a table rolling down a hallway avoiding Mad surgeons who rip out his organs! Come the very next scene and Ned is in the operating room getting nasty-looking new organs randomly put him by a beaver that's clearly been experimented on.
    • In another scene, Ned ends up in a disgusting mouth full of germs, worms, rotted teeth, evil dentists, and a blob monster who wants to eat him.
      • Before that, the way Ned enters the mouth. He has to hop onto a dentist's chair that is a mouth with no lower jaw and be swallowed!
  • Ned getting turned into a slug. He has to crawl into a hole in the wall while avoiding the woman who suddenly goes mad waving a salt shaker around!
  • The sheer randomness of the game—as one Let's Player put it, it feels more like a nightmare than more mature games like Silent Hill, which are designed to emulate nightmares, because at least those have structure.

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