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Heartwarming / Nightmare Ned

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  • "Good morning, Ned! Hope you weren't scared by the storm last night." "Not at all! It was nothin'..."
  • Upon completing the graveyard stage in the game, the Graveyard shadow is revealed to be Ned’s kindly grandfather, who assures Ned that he isn’t going to die just yet, and that they still have many places to go and things to do together. He even tells Ned to call him when he wakes up.
    • The Bully shadow turns out to be a kid Ned knows from school named ‘Billy’ who used to pick on him. However, he reveals to Ned that he had actually always wanted to be his friend, but was worried all the other kids wouldn’t think he was tough. Ned gladly accepts his friendship, as long as he stops calling him melonhead.

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