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Quotes from the Cast & Crew

"The producer Leila kept calling me asking when was I going to be finished with the blackboard song. I had no idea what to write, I was so blocked. I rented a hot rub room for an hour and told myself I had ONE HOUR and I'd better come out of there with something finished. I'm pretty proud of it still. I'm astounded people remember this! You guys made my day."
Jim Owen (Jim of Seattle), a Composer of the series, in reference to "The Mathematics Lesson"

Quotes from the Show

Ned: [grunting and groaning as he slowly transforms] [howls like a wolf then pans to show him as a small dog] Gosh... That was weird...
(from the "Ned's Life As A Dog" episode)

Cicero: You call me crazy! What kind of sicko puts a cat in a fish? Isn't supposed to be the other way around!?
(from the "Willie Trout" episode)

     Quotes from the Game 

Ned: I'm home! ...Mom? ...Dad?'''
(the first line in the game)

Graveyard Shadow: C'mon, little man, let's get this nightmare rolling!
(to Ned before he enters his Nightmare)

Grave digger: Unfortunately... This plot is purchased.
(to Ned after pulling him out of the dirt)

Grave digger: Pardon... But, that grave is reserved.
(to Ned after pulling him out of the dirt)

Pumpkin: My head's ready to B-BURST ALL OVER!
(before the pumpkin proceeds to puke its brains on Ned)

School Shadow: Dare you to enter THIS Nightmare.
(to Ned before he enters his Nightmare)

Attic, Basement, and Beyond Shadow: Hey, come and see what goes... BUMP in the night.
(to Ned before he enters her Nightmare)

Ned: What is this, some kind of gorilla?
(in response to his future self at the beginning of the Puberty Song)

Ned's Principal: Just, wait 'till your parents find out the havOC their offspring's created.

Ned's Principal: I hope you're ashamed of yourself! I never thought this would happen to Ned Needlemeyer!

Ned's Principal: We might have to take your bathroom privileges away.

Ned's Principal: [quiet stammering/ mumbling] Where is that number?!

Ned's Principal: I hope you're thinking about what you've done.

Ned's Principal: Do you know how much this call is going to cost the school board?

Ned's Principal: Well, well, well, Ned Needlemeyer. So, you're the one who's been clogging up the toilets with paper towels. Do you know what that to the plumbing in the teacher's lounge? WELL, DO YOU? Let's just say it's not pretty...

Ned's Principal: I hope your parents are ready for some very disturbing news.


Quotes about Nightmare Ned

"I've played games with creepy music and games with sad music, but never anything that combines those two feelings as masterfully as Nightmare Ned. Almost every piece in its soundtrack sends chills up my spine, speaking of hopelessness and, appropriately, nightmares. The piano is used to an eerie effect, almost simulating the aforementioned chills."
Klagmar, a Youtube user, in reference to the "In the Mouth" track from the game


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