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Analysis / Nightmare Ned

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Nightmare Worlds

The Graveyard Nightmare:

A dark, gloomy cemetery world that symbolizes Ned's fear of death. Filled with shady characters, groups of mourning people, zombies, and much more.

The Medical Nightmare:

This Nightmare focuses on Ned's fear of Doctors and Dentists.

Alcatraz Elementary School:

Represents Ned's fear of school.

The Bathroom Nightmare:

Some may think that this nightmare focuses on Ned's fear of the bathroom, but he doesn't seem to show any fear of toilets (Well, besides when he gets eaten by one). According to The Puberty Song, and the philosophy given by the Bathroom Shadow after he turns good, Ned's real fear might be growing up. Mirrors can usually be found in bathrooms, and going into the bathroom means he has to see his own face again as his body continues to change.

The Attic, Basement, and Beyond Nightmare:

A surreal realm full that likely serves as Ned's fear of strange, dark places; or quite literally, Attic, Basement, and Beyond. It is full of the weird, wild, and wonderful of the real world, including a dark woods, a creepy attic with Renaissance art and other odds and ends.

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