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Not to be confused with the similarly titled album, The Revolution Will Be Televised is a British satirical sketch show involving comedians Jolyon Rubinstein and Heydon Prowse playing various characters and interacting with real politicians, businesses and celebrities in order to reveal the injustices of the world.

Whilst mostly confined to British issues the most recent series has seen the two branch out to satirize the issues of the USA and true parallels with those of Britain.

This Show Presents Examples Of:

  • Black Comedy: Many of the topics tackled by the show are quite serious such as wars and human rights violations, with the comedy deriving from characters being for these things, such as Double Fist TV and Dale Mailey segments.
  • Caption Humour: Used in the Honest Subtitle segments where politicians' speeches are stripped of their flowery speech to reflect their true meaning.
  • Distinction Without a Difference: The character of Eugene X, a South African white supremacist, says that he is not racist, some humans are just superior.
  • Don't Explain the Joke: Many of the segments not featuring recurring characters begin with intros in order to explain what issue is being satirized.
  • Eat the Rich: Played with in many episodes. Particularly obvious in a series 3 segment where bankers are offered cash on the street on the condition they state "I'm a dirty little banker".
  • Jerkass: Many of the characters, and some of the people interviewed. See below:
    • James Twottington-Burbage MP is incredibly rude to his Liberal Democrat colleague, Barnaby, later pestering members of UKIP to try and integrate himself with the party and insisting that they pay him back for coffee when things go sour. He later tries declaring war on Romania to stop immigration, arguing that the mass movement of people counts as an invasion on Romania's behalf.
    • Dale Mailey is very rarely polite to anybody, in part due to his sexist, homophobic and outdated demeanour.
    • Eugene X is a white supremacist and racist that is demeaning to any non-white people. Having said that, many of the white supremacists that he met were far worse, advocating for the return of segregation and saying that they should stone kids to death.
  • Mood Whiplash: The entire point of the "BBCOMGWTF" segment is having the reporter be ecstatic about whatever event he's reporting on, gushing to celebrities and then asking them about a serious issue. Most are taken off guard by the sudden change in pace.
  • Not So Above It All: Despite Dale Mailey being a very blatant piss-take about the Daily Mail, and toting most of its values, he's proven that he's not as "morally upstanding" as he'd like to claim. During the Fifty Shades of Grey exhibition he is shown to despise most of the sex toys, but is seen wearing a giant strap-on and playing around with it. Later, he gets quite turned on when visiting an American brothel, despite calling it unethical and horrible, also getting stoned with some Americans.
  • Parody Names: Dale Mailey's name and political views are a clear spoof of the ultra right wing Daily Mail.