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Nightmare Fuel / Missing Link

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This may be Laika's tamest movie so far, but it still has its fair share of terrifying moments.

  • The casual way Lord Piggot-Dunceby suggests to Stenk that instead of threatening Gamu's life in order to get the location of Shangri-La, they should instead threaten to shoot her infant great-grandson. Poor Gamu is nothing short of horrified.
  • Willard Stenk can be scary at times, acting less like a man and more like a relentless, deadly five-foot approximation of humanity's worst. Greed, exploitation, sadism, the works.
    • His establishing moment is a shot of the scars that run across his scalp, leaving the audience to wonder who or what gave him those scars...
    • He's the ultimate tracker, able to eavesdrop on our heroes and figure out where they are going even on the rare occasion they throw him off their scent. He's so stealthy that he can even sneak up on our heroes while wearing loudly jangling heel spurs.
    • Sir Lionel does not spare Mr. Link any details of what Stenk will do to the sasquatch if he ever gets his hands on him.
    • At the climax, when his client Lord Piggot-Dunceby has died, Lionel tries to reason that without anyone to pay him, Stenk has no reason to kill any of them. But Stenk casually argues that it's not about the money anymore, it's simply out of petty pride.
    • His death is the icing (or should I say icicle)note  on the cake. Not only does he fall to his death, but he does so with a giant icicle impaled through his entire torso. Ouch...
  • The accidental variety: the eye positions of the various non-sentient animals (horse, elephant, birds) are high up on their head, close to each other, which looks plain wrong.