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Byron James John Robertson (1939-2007) was a Professional Wrestler from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada best known for his work from the 1960s through the 1980s as Dewey Robertson and, later, as The Missing Link. He started in Toronto as Dewey Robertson as a Face and also worked in various territories in the U.S. He and Billy Red Lyons had a run under masks as the Tag Team the Crusaders. He started the Link gimmick in 1983. Over his career, he would compete for various National Wrestling Alliance territories, for the AWA, WWE, "Cowboy" Bill Watts' Universal Wrestling Federation and for several independent promotions. Among his in-ring achievements, he was a 1x NWA United States (Tri-State) Tag Team Champion, a 2x NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champion and a 5x NWA Central States Tag Team Champion. He died in 2007 after a long battle with cancer.

Not to be confused with The Missing Link or the Laika film.

"The Missing Tropes":

  • Finishing Move:
    • (As Dewey Robertson): Figure-Four Leglock.
    • (As the Missing Link): Diving headbutt, though his version had him launch himself backwards off the top turnbuckle and turn in the air, or as a top rope splash variation, rather than the more common swandive version.
  • Hard Head: Could repeatedly headbutt the turnbuckle with no effect. He would also repeatedly hit himself in the head with the ring steps as well as with chairs.
  • Heel–Face Turn: In World Class when he rescued Sunshine from the Great Kabuki, and later from Percy Pringle and Rick Rude.
  • I Have Many Names: Dewey Robertson, the Crusader, Troy Steel and the Missing Link.