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Nightmare Fuel / High School Fleet

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  • The Mood Whiplash at the end of Episode 10, a festival with all the girls singing a merry song... which fades to a hollow echo of their voices (as seen in countless war movies, usually before a carnage of those singing later in the movie). Given that we've been told in that very episode that they are to join the chase of Musashi as soon as they finish the festival, that was enough to send chills down many a viewer's spine, even in a show as light as this one.
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  • The Musashi, the second largest battleship ever built, armed to the teeth with artillery cannons and piloted by a Brainwashed and Crazy crew. It can disrupt modern electronics and carries a viral Hate Plague onboard. And nobody knows where it is.
  • The Fugitive Arc. Through no fault of their own a group of high school girls find themselves on the run from charges of mutiny.

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