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  • Pretty much any time the Harekaze engages another ship. Outside of the first episode, they're invariably David vs. Goliath engagements.
    • Managing to outmaneuver Graff Spee and disable it long enough to escape during their first engagement
    • Later their plan to disable the ship altogether with a hit to a precise weakpoint, then launching a boarding action to rescue the crew
      • Machi's waterpistol skills in that boarding are a sight to behold.
    • Shooting a salvo of Musashi's shells out of the air
    • Tricking Hiei into running aground as the tide was going out.
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    • With its rudder out, using its parachute to spin itself around and slam right into the side of the Musashi.
      • And Harekaze's boarding party was assembled and ready to rock seconds after said slam, even before Mike or Mashiro could actually shout the order to board.
  • Not revealed until a later flashback, Moeka's response to the takeover the Musashi. Showing that she earned her spot as captain on the school's most prestigious ship, she and several uninfected members of the crew manage to barricade themselves inside the bridge with enough supplies to hold out for rescue.
  • Minami managing to identify the source of the mutinies and developing a cure for the Hate Plague
  • Isoroku comes across as little more than a lazy Team Pet most of the time. Put a rodent spreading the Hate Plague in front of him though and he manifests a Slasher Smile while in pursuit.
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  • Machiko Noma has almost no lines not related to her job of lookout, which mostly involves calling out whatever's on the horizon. Despite this she has a notable fanclub on the ship, who think she's easily the coolest member of the crew. We finally see why during the storming of the Graff Spee, where she spits out a Badass Boast before using Gun Kata to wipe out about a dozen crew at once. Several of those she takes down are later shown to have joined said fan club.
  • Mixing awesome with heartwarming, the following exchange in light signals morse code:
    Musashi: "Keep your distance from our ship. It's too dangerous. We still have a large supply of main battery shells."
    (Harekaze engages fifth battle speed towards Musashi)
  • The Cavalry coming in the nick of time twice in a row: In episode 11, the outmaneuvered Blue Mermaids fleet somehow manages to reach the Musashi before she can shell Tokyo when it seemed only the Harekaze would been able to intercept, saving her from having to fight the much larger ship alone. Later, Musashi leaves the whole fleet dead in the water and Harekaze has to engage alone anyway in episode 12, an impossible task at which fails, only managing to slow Musashi and buy five precious minutes to the endangered civilians... when suddendly every combatworthy ship of their school (students and instructor) plus the Spee arrive in old-fashioned line of battle, their support allowing Harekaze to continue the fight.
    • And, on the Spee's bridge, Thea Kreuzer puts the Badass in Badass Long Coat.

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