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Heartwarming / High School Fleet

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  • Mike's reunion with Moka in the final episode definitely counts.
  • Mashiro telling her Captain to go on an away mission for the above example.
  • Harekaze's signal light response to a compromised Musashi trying to warn them off. "We are coming to rescue your ship. I repeat, we are coming to rescue your ship."
  • Mixed with Funny Moments, when the crew unsuspectedly overhears over an open communication tube of the reason Mike is having a Heroic BSoD moment being that she fears for her crew's safety, they're willing to a (wo)man to let their Captain know they're ready to take the risk. Being obviously unable to admit they're eavesdroping, they resort to call out through said communication tubes to inform of their readiness for action and to demand the Captain's orders. So, Combat boldly calls out they're ready to engage and asks for targets; Engineering proudly informs of the ship being able to keep whatever speed the Captain orders; and Kitchen cheerfully announces they've made rice balls. And curry. And soup.

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