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  • Every single one of Kouko's fantatises are comedy gold.
  • Wilhelmina's explanation for why she uses an archaic form of "I" when speaking Japanese? She learned it from watching gangster movies.
    • Every! Single!. One! of Mina's and Koko's converations afterwards is done in stereotypical Yakuza accent.
  • On the raid/rescue operation in the Graf Spee, Minami quotes a proverb... While injecting a vaccine on someone's ass.
  • In the same episode, the ship's captain tries to attack Wilhelmina with a vicious kick... only for it to completely No-Sell as the captain is tiny in comparison.
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  • In Episode 10, Mei and Shima's comedy routing.
  • Mixed with Heartwarming Moments, when the crew unsuspectedly overhears over an open communication tube of the reason Mike is having an Heroic BSoD moment being that she fears for her crew safety, they're willing to a (wo)man to let their Captain know they're ready to take the risk. Being obviously unable to admit they're eavesdroping, they resort to call out through said communication tubes to inform of their readiness for action and to demand the Captain's orders. So, Gunnery boldly calls out they're ready to engage and asks for targets; Engineering proudly informs of the ship being able to keep whatever speed the Captain orders; and Kitchen cheerfully announces they've made rice balls. And curry. And soup.
  • In Episode 4, they've run out of toilet paper. Since they're still on the run, they decide to send a party to a mall ship to buy more, only the ship doesn't have the money. So they run a collection from the crew.
    Misaki: Please donate to the toilet paper fund!

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