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Nightmare Fuel / Happy!

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The Syfy Series

  • The Adult Fear of a little girl being kidnapped, especially when seen through the eyes of her parents.
  • Mr. Bug's creepy sex party with a lot of creeps wearing various animal costumes made of black leather, licking weird stuff and strange loud music to make it seem like the most bizarre and off-putting orgy ever
  • The way the kids are sent away: they're packed like dolls in boxes, tied and trapped and sent away.
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  • Those things in the Wishee suits that Merry encounters after she and Nick infiltrate Sonny Shine's building. They bleed a pinkish Alien Blood and never speak. Some of them even appear during Sonny's previously mentioned orgy party, where some of them have their heads removed, revealing large phallus-like things that the party guests begin licking in a sexual manner.
  • In the opening of "Tallahassee", Nick has a nightmare where he's playing Operation, but every time his tweezers touch the edges, he hears Hailey crying out in pain.
  • "Tallahassee" also shows just how terrible Smoothie can be. How? Oh, nothing major...just SKINNING A MAN ALIVE AND NOT LETTING HIM DIE. That he made the man wear leather pants and high heel shoes does nothing to lessen the impact.
  • Amanda's downward spiral into addiction due to the trauma of stumbling onto Mr. Bug's orgy. She's also pregnant, quite possibly with a Wishee/Human hybrid.
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  • Blue's personal hell — trapped in a cabin with his dead family members, all of whom still bear the wounds they died from.
  • Orcus, the death god possessing Blue, has spent centuries manipulating influential figures into positions of great acclaim, so that he can then feed off of the global despair that comes when he has them assassinated. Human history has basically been just a tool for this bastard to sustain himself.
    • Oh, and the Wishees? Turns out that they're demons who serve Orcus.
  • "A Friend of Death" has at least two that stand out:
    • We find out that Smoothie has been Gas Lighting Hailey into becoming Sonny Shine's assassin and the thing that finally pushes her into that role is witnessing Smoothie killing his abusive father. Or so she was led to believe.
      • The worst part is that Smoothie's "father" was just a random innocent.
    • Thanks to the drug Sonny Shine has given her in "Pervapalooza", Amanda has been only vaguely aware of what's happening to her- the rapid pregnancy, the death of her current boyfriend, her large appetite for candy, etc. However, she regains her lucidity as she is in active labor, strapped to a bed with the Wishees and Orcus watching her. The scene is shot like a horror movie.
      • Oh, and she is indeed carrying a Wishee to term and, judging by the previews, it's quality Nightmare Fuel.
  • "Five Chicken Fingers and a Gun" has Amanda actually giving birth to a clutch of Wishee eggs. We do see them pushing up against her belly before she expels them.

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