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The Manga

The end of chapter 63. The spoiled Wanibuchi, who never faces a challenge and never gets agitated, panics and behaves like he's going to die when his heartrate rises for once. For the first couple of panels, it looks like he might really have a heart attack.

The SYFY Series

    Season 1 
Saint Nick
  • Nick's first on-screen appearance sees him imagining blowing his own brains out and then dancing as blood gushes from his head.
    • His dance includes him dabbing.
  • In the run-up to his latest job, Nick Sax shoots a man in an inflatable prawn costume. The costume is punctured, and sounds like a balloon with air escaping from it.
  • Happy's first appearance to an utterly bewildered Nick, who's already high off his ass.
    • The conversation between them makes it even better:
    Nick: Go away.
    Happy: But-but-but I got stuff to tell you! Mucho important stuff!
    Nick: Shh... I don't talk to pink elephants.
    Happy: What? What are you, color blind? I ain't pink, pal! And elephants have trunks. [shows tail] Do you see any luggage? [giggles]
    Nick: [Stares at Happy to utter confusion, then looks at the paramedics] Kill this thing any way you can.
  • Merry tries to question Nick about the mob's password, and it goes about as well as you could guess.
    Merry: I think Blue hired you to kill his nephews. Mikey just ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. I think there is a goddamn underworld civil war brewing and you've managed to land your sorry ass right in the middle of it. I can still get you out, but you have to tell me what you know.
    Nick: What I know? People suck, I don’t pay my income tax, and I no longer feel dirty when I touch myself, but beyond that, it just seems pretty clear whoever knows this alleged password is good as dead or worse. That’s about it.

What Smiles Are For

  • Thrown for a loop that Hailey is his daughter, Nick has dreams in which he's on Jerry Springer, being lectured by Springer himself.
    Nick: I didn't even know you were still on the air.
  • Smoothie has been assigned to watch over Merry's mother to provide her with incentive to find Nick Sax. He takes his orders to "take care" of the old woman seriously, employing his medical knowledge to give her a makeover.

When Christmas Was Christmas

  • When Nick is questioning the hooker he saved in the first episode, Happy comes across several multi-colored dildos - and has no idea what they actually are.
    Happy: These must be the magic carrots that make the reindeer fly!
  • Nick and Happy investigate a strip club that caters almost exclusively to professional Santas.
    • Happy ends up dancing on one of the poles.

Year of the Horse

  • After picking up a clue off of the Very Bad Santa, Nick and Happy visit a fortune-cookie factory, where they are met by an old man in stereotypical Chinese garb. After struggling to talk to the guy, they are relieved when a younger, English-speaking woman appears and tells them that the old man is just her grandfather, wandering around in his pajamas again.
  • Isabella Scaramucci is a proud mafia wife in mourning... who's also involved with a shitty reality TV show called "Secrets of Sussex", even as she meets with her ridiculously criminal family members.
  • Blue meets with his boss, Mr. Bug who is literally a guy in a bug suit. Mr. Bug berates him for being seen on "Secrets of Sussex".
    "There are Jenners who have less exposure."
  • Happy tells Nick that he can speak Chinese, a skill which Nick tries to employ while canvassing Chinese restaurants. Alas, it turns out that Happy oversold his skills, and the waitress that Nick tries to question about the whereabouts of the Bad Santa thinks that he's looking for drugs.
    • While Nick is waiting for a carry-out guy to come back so he can interrogate him, the hostess gives him a complimentary meal — a fish that's been cooked alive and is still moving. While grossed out, he still eats it, to Happy's disgust.

White Sauce? Hot Sauce?

  • Isa tries to summon Michael's spirit by cooking his favorite dish. Much to the horror of everyone in attendance, Nonna pours a vial of menstrual blood onto the meat as part of the ritual.
  • Eager to prove to Happy that humans are irredeemable bastards, Nick lays down on subway tracks and waits for the subway to run him over, expecting that none of the onlookers will stop to help him. But then, just before the train comes, he starts having a heart attack and sits up, and is pulled to safety. He is utterly annoyed.
  • "Aww shit, I killed my kid's imaginary friend."
  • Nick's You Have Got to Be Kidding Me! reaction when a naked Zombie!Mikey sits down next to him on a bench and starts masturbating.

The Scrapyard of Childish Things

  • Happy attends a Tropaholics Anonymous meeting for imaginary friends who've become outgrown. One of the other attendees is a bitter Little Bopeep who rants about how Judy Blume turned her girl into a slut.
    Peep: It's not monsters under the bed, it's penises. Great big nasty penises! Also, fuck Judy Blume. Two weeks with those books, and now my friend's knocked up and her water's breaking in Algebra I! (high-pitched sobbing)
    Happy: ... Was it Freckle Juice?
  • Smoothie interrogating Hailey and the other children about who is Nick's kid is simultaneously creepy and funny. When one of the boys goads Hailey aloud into revealing herself, he gets smacked by Smoothie with a ruler.
    Smoothie: No one likes a snitch.
  • The menstrual blood in the meatballs is revisited, with one of Isabella's frenemies admitting to tasting it and finding it to not be so bad.

Destroyer of Worlds

  • The episode opens up with a jarringly gaudy 80's-style music video of "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree", sung by Merry's mother and featuring Smoothie with eighties hair.
  • Nick busts out of Blue's house by tying Blue's wife and son to him so that his mooks will hesitate to shoot at him. He then proceeds to go on a rampage, killing every single mook he can find, then steals Blue's car. And then little Gerry finds the supposedly defective detonator that Nick dropped at the end of the previous episode and pushes the button. As Nick watches the explosion through the rear-view mirror, he turns and sees Happy just staring at him. It's Happy's "please-tell-me-that-kid-is-okay" expression that sells it.
  • As Happy struggles with his emotional turmoil after killing Raspberry, Nick reluctantly agrees to cuddle him.
  • Smoothie's interactions with the kids before they are literally packaged — think life size Barbie boxes.
    • His attempt at a half-assed inspirational speech before he just flat-out insults the kids.
    • Hailey flipping him off.
    • Kenji meekly asking to go to the bathroom... right after the complicated packaging process. Smoothie's exasperation sells it.
  • Merry's confusion to Nick giving Happy a Rousing Speech.

I am the Future

  • Louis Sheinberg's utterly bugfuck audition tape for a children's show.
  • Happy threatening to torture Very Bad Santa's imaginary friend, in a shout-out to the infamous scene from Reservoir Dogs, complete with Stuck in the Middle with You.
  • Nick winds up getting caught in several bear traps while making his way through Very Bad Santa's lair, which leads him to give us this gem of a line:
    Nick: " I just keep discovering bold new frontiers of suck."

    Season 2 
The War on Easter
  • The fact that Rebecca Black's "Friday" plays when Nick wakes up and gets ready for the day.
  • After almost being hit by some cyclists, Nick has an Imagine Spot of killing them all in an over the top bloody manner.
    Happy: Your imagination is a pretty effed-up place to live.
  • Throughout the episode, Nick tries very hard to adhere to a promise of non-violence and even makes a token effort at giving up his many vices, and yet he still somehow stumbles into a organ-smuggling ring. He tries very hard to defuse the ensuing situation, and yet he bungles it so badly that almost everyone ends up dead.
    Happy: Nick! You promised you wouldn't kill anyone! YOU KILLED EVERYONE!
    • To which Nick objects - he promised not to kill anyone WITH GUNS. So it's fine.


  • Sonny Shine and Smoothie are having a conversation, only for Sonny to trail off as he gets distracted by Smoothie's prosthetic eye.
    Sonny: You ever try so hard to not stare at something that it's all you can look at?
    Smoothie: ...No.

Some Girls Need a Lot of Repenting

  • Sonny Shine's house includes a large marble statue of himself with an astonishing large penis. Don't worry. It's not all that graphic.
  • Nick and Happy's attempt to rob Sonny Shine's house goes hilariously awry, somehow resulting in Happy singing a cheerful musical number with Ann-Margaret as Nick slaughters his way through Shine's house guards armed with nothing except his fists, the odd stolen taser, and a large marble penis.


  • A couple of dirty cops come to Sonny's house for instructions, and find him in the middle of modeling his penis for a sculptor who's trying to repair his damaged statue.
  • Nick and Merry's fight against a bunch of Nazi senior citizens.

19 Hours and 13 Minutes

  • Just about everything about Nick's Mushroom Samba that isn't depressing is hilarious. Not least of which is the fact that he spends the whole episode running around without pants.
  • At one point, he thrown into a van by three men wearing Hillary Clinton masks, who are revealed to be the guys he killed at Le Dic's card game. Shortly after, we see that he's just on the bus.
  • Later, he wonders into a sex shop and after some time, comes out wearing women's underwear and a pair of fishnet stockings.


  • Nick and Merry run into each other while they're both disguised as Sockatoo. Not realizing that the other Sockatoo is Sax, Merry attacks him, resulting in her gun going off and shooting him in the ass. The series suddenly stops for a brief explanation of how the bullet, against all probability, ricocheted upwards off of Sax's ass.
  • Happy and Bo Peep's sex scene is pure absurdity.
  • Some of Nick and Smoothie's passive-aggressive confrontation in the diner is pretty good.
    Smoothie: Speaking of cherries, how's life been since I took yours?
  • Nick's mother turns out to basically being a female version of him.

Arlo and Marie

  • When Nick encounters Amanda at Mr. Bug's latest orgy and realizes she's high, it's a generally serious moment, but we get this exchange, which is worth a chuckle (albeit a dark one, but that's nothing new for the show):
    Nick: Heroin? Coke? PCP?
    Amanda: (clearly high out of her mind) Life and Love!!
    Nick: ...Mollie?
  • When Nick runs into Mr. Bug, he tries to shoot him, only to find that one of the other ravers has grabbed his gun and replaced it with a dildo.
  • The montage of all the historical figures that Orcus has manipulated is a very serious moment... and then it Crosses the Line Twice when the montage starts showing the Wishees photoshopped into pictures with JFK, Martin Luther King Jr., Lincoln, and others.
  • Turns out that Happy had a few... performance issues with Bo Peep. Nick is sufficiently squicked out at hearing it.
    Nick (clutching a pillow) That's horrifying!
  • Nick's reaction to a drugged out Amanda saying that Sonny is more of a man than him.

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