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Nightmare Fuel / Getter Robo

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What? You thought that just because it's the father of most combining Mecha stories means Getter doesn't have Bring Me My Brown Pants moments? In fact it's often considered more of a horror story then a Shonen Manga.

  • Several aspects of the Getter Rays are like this, as are many of the enemies.
    • One of the best examples is the final battle of Getter Robo Go where Shin Getter absorbs everything it comes into contact. This doesn't become clear until the largest enemy mecha grabs Shin Getter in its tentacles, which then turn into a hand. The POV shifts to show that the mecha is now Shin Getter's new body. Enemy and ally alike are freaked out.
      • On a meta level, it's also scary because it's theorized to be the birth of Getter Emperor.
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    • The Devolved beings in Getter Robo Devolution. They're unlike any other mechanical beast the Getter has faced before. They're strong and quick. Able to hurt the Getter as well....but the truly scary part about them? They're all different Getter Robos.
      • Oh and now it gets worse. Turns out there's been a BIGGER threat looming over them. This threat has also been their closest ally. Has assisted the team and humanity in fighting the Devolved beings but has slowly revealed it's true nature. The name of this threat? You guessed it. The Getter Emperor yet again... the whole manga seemingly it's ACTUAL origin story.
    • The Invaders in Armageddon. Of particular mention is the way they infiltrated and assimilated a large portion of a polar colony, then used the still-alive Colonists to ward Shin Getter off from attempting to attack it. Just as it's about to do irreversible damage to Shin Getter, the Black Getter swoops out of the sky, and proceeds to brutally rip the Invader to shreds without caring about the moaning and crying colonists that were assimilated by the Invaders. The resulting chorus of cries from the unfortunates who splatter everywhere while still moaning horrifies the pilots of the Shin Getter, as well as the one girl they managed to rescue.
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    • Shin Getter Robo itself, given it's sinister look, it's demonic expression (complete with batshit insane, robotic eyes) and the fact that the robot itself develops a malicious self awareness thanks to it's superior Getter Ray storage capacity.
    • Absolutely awesome as the battle against the Four Heavenly Kings is in New Getter Robo, Ryoma's reaction to the sudden burst of Getter Rays from the fallen Getter Machines is horrifying. While Benkei and Hayato are lucid and slightly disturbed by their bodies literally pulsing with Getter Rays, Ryoma goes completely Ax-Crazy, roaring like a beast and laughing like a maniac while ignoring the fact that his furious movements are literally crushing his allies to death. It takes the two of them screaming his name at the top of their lungs to get him to snap out of it.
      • And that's not even getting into what ends the fight. The team doesn't kill the last Heavenly King, A version of Getter Emperor appears and crushes the monster to pulp in it's hand!

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