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Heartwarming / Getter Robo

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  • Oddly enough, Ryoma gets a couple. Special props to "Musashi... it's over" from Shin vs Neo and "So long, my buddies" from New Getter.
    • Following on the above. In the new Devolution Manga Ryoma's possible Love Interest Michiru is about to be raped by a couple of bullies. When taunted about this fact it seems Ryoma is going to ignore them.... but then a back pack is thrown at them and hits one of the jack asses FROM HALF WAY DOWN THE STREET. And when the lead bully turned around what does he see? RYOMA'S INSANE SLASHER SMILE AS HE COMES BACK TO BEAT THEM SIX WAYS TO SUNDAY. Why? Because they hurt Michiru.

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