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Headscratchers / Getter Robo

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  • How in the hell do reptile men (General Bat and Advisor Gallery) have mustaches?
    • Because they're villains and villains need mustaches.
    • Some dinosaur had fur. Maybe they're related?
    • They were on their way back from a Sherlock Holmes convention.
  • So I recently re-watched Getter Robo Armageddon, but sober this time. And I still have some questions!
    • Okay, so they've destroyed the army of Invaders in space. Aren't there still millions of them on Earth? And now there's no Getter machines to defend against them?
      • I think we're to assume that all of the Invaders left earth to absorb the power coming from Jupiter, and any stragglers were picked off by the Super Robot Army.
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    • How are Gai, Go and Kei going to get back to Earth? In fact, what are they even breathing?
      • Chances are there's plenty of air in Shin Dragon's cockpits for them to last until a rescue party arrives.
      • Also Shin Dragon can also transform itself so they could have build/transformed to a Getter Robo that could take them home.
    • Why does Armageddon make so much more sense when you're drunk?
      • The problem with the Getter OV As is that they're based on the original manga and assume that the viewers have read the manga. Also, Armageddon changed directors after episode 4 for some reason, apparently the original wanted the same production time that he had on an earlier work (1992-1998) and the studio didn't like that.

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