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Nightmare Fuel / Equestria at War

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  • Lavender Berry's South-East State is an oppressive totalitarian dystopia, but it stands out even amongst other totalitarian states in EAW by how he deals with lunar and indigenous resistance; fire. Berry indiscriminately bombs the jungles with thousands of canisters of napalm, thermite, and other incendiaries, burning down massive portions of the jungle and killing untold numbers of civilians, thestrals, and natives. The army would then move in and clean out any resistance with flamethrowers, destroying hundreds of indigenous villages and burning their people alive. Considering that he's an alternate Lavrentiy Beria, who was subject to Even Evil Has Standards by the worst of the Soviet regime, it's no surprise.
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  • The Reformisten, a group of fanatic knights from Hellquill who seek to create more living space for griffons at the expense of the ponies. They ruthlessly eliminate the pony minority in Hellquill before preparing for a war with the River Coalition and will use the ponies from conquered as test subjects and slave labour.
  • The entire mod. Sugar Apocalypse happens in spades as the happy-go-lucky world of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is home to a huge amount of brutal wars, genocides, black magic uprisings, and more. And, unlike in the show, The Power of Friendship isn't enough to stop any of them. Oh, and many of our world's historical and political figures are present as fantasy creatures, even ones accused of mass atrocities like Lavrentiy Beria as Lavender Berry, to have their way with this world.

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