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Nightmare Fuel / Class of 3000

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This thing was sealed away for a good reason. And it almost won.

A show about seven musically-talented middle school misfits and their ex-superstar teacher? Gee, how could this be scar- WHAT IS THAT?!

  • "Home":
    • The sheer fact that Westley allowed for someone with criminal potential to be hired is pretty terrifying.
    • The giant squid from the "dramatic reading" of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. It comes out of nowhere and almost gets Principal Luna and a nurse.
  • "Peanuts! Get Yer Peanuts!"
    • The cardboard cutouts can be rather startling to the unexpecting.
  • "Funky Monkey":
  • "The Hunt for Red Blobtober":
    • The blob. First, there's what it is, a blob monster made from a fusion of sloppy joe and nuclear waste. Second, it can apparently act in many parts (when it escapes from Westley). Third, the fact that it could have easily gone into critical mass. It's the page image for a reason.
    • And the fact that they sold it at the end.
  • "Eddie's Money":
  • "The Devil and Li'l D" is arguably the scariest episode in the series. To whit:
    • The building for Soul Stack Records has what's implied to be lost souls floating around it. Not to mention, the elevator appears to go only DOWN.
    • Their "Marketing and Research" department has zombies for staff. And before that, we get a lovely shot of Big D's henchmen dragging souls into flame-filled rooms.
    • Sunny accidentally decapitates Big D's henchmen... who then regrow their heads. Granted, it's migated slightly by them not having holes and having no ill will towards it, but still...
    • Big D makes all the contests unwinnable, implying that he had no intention of playing fair and keeping Li'l D's soul.
    • Li'l D's smile in the "We Want Your Soul" music video. The only thing to wonder is if it's a Broken Smile, a Slasher Smile, or both.
  • "Brotha From The Third Rock":
    • Phil's face getting swollen due to red ant allergies, rendering him unintelligible. It's worse than it sounds.
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    • Not to mention, had it not been for DNA tests, he would have had his brain boiled.
    • The music in his boombox is "off the hinges", as he puts it. While not as brick-shitting as some of the other parts of this list, it's still a rather creepy track.
  • "Westley Side Story":
  • "Love is in the Hair... Net":
  • "Am I Blue?":
    • Mr. Giraffe. A teleporting, apparently living stuffed giraffe. With a creepy stare.
  • "Prank Yankers":
    • The appearance of the chalk thieves can come off as startling.
  • "Mini Mentors"
  • "Too Cool for School":
  • "Nothin' to It But to Do It":
    • The maid's face in the "Clean Up" music video. To be more specific, a real woman's eyes, nose and face on a cartoon woman. Uncanny Valley ahoy!
    • Kam and Eddie get spit out of a fish in that same music video, implying that they were nearly Eaten Alive.
    • Likewise, Tamika and Madison nearly getting eaten by a plant hydra.
    • Kim and Phil in that same music video were also implied to have been in the washer.
    • Tamika and Madison almost get eaten by fish. That are about as big as they are, if not bigger.
    • Don't forget Kam and Eddie almost getting eaten by the plant hydra!
  • "Free Philly":
    • An In-Universe example. The tech school's head's laugh has this effect on Phil.
  • "Tamika and the Beast":
  • "Safety Last":
    Man's Voice: This plague is so realistic!
    Man's Voice 2: What a rash!
    Woman's Voice: Oh- I can't feel my legs!
  • "Study Buddies":
    • The Happy Splash water supply is apparently contaminated.
    • Kam, under the effects of heat, sees Phil as a cactus and threatens to split him open to get water.
  • "The Cure":
  • "Big Robot on Campus":
  • "Christmas Special":
  • "Take a Hike!":
  • "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yeti":
  • "Vote Sunny":
    • The dancers in the "Teacher of the Year" music video.
  • "Kam Inc.":
  • "Two to Tango":

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