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"Looks like you was goin' through a super-freak phase."

Between the awesome music and the wide cast of characters, there's quite a few moments that will have the viewer giggling.

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     Season 1 and Series-wide 
  • "Ow, my eye!" It never gets old hearing that poor kid get smacked in the eye.
    • "Ow, my other eye!"
  • Madison gets a tuba stuck on her head. Later, while everyone is stuck in the rain, we get this:
    Eddie: Li'l D, whatever is the big idea to drag us out into the rain? My cashmere sweater is starting to shrink.
    Madison: Yeah! And so is this TUBA! (tuba somehow starts shrinking on her head)
    • When Li'l D gets on the bus to school, the bus driver mentions that Sunny rode in his bus. We see that next to the seat is a giant light-up sign that reads "Sunny sat here."
      • The sign reappears when Li'l D points out his school desk was the same one Sunny had.
    • Also in "Home", we get this exchange while they watch the Sunny concert in Japan on TV:
    Kim: Not at all...
    • Later, Lil' D tries to have everyone try to sell flyers so people can donate money and watch them play in the park. He then tries to have the others go to split up and sell flyers individually, when this hilarious scene happens:
    Kam: Besides, we think we hear our mother calling.
    [Kam's cell phone rings. It is Kim, pretending to be their mother]
    Kim (in a Chinese accent): Kim, Kam, time for dinner.
    [Both of the twins leave]
    Tamika: One, I don't know what a haberdashery is, and two, I don't wanna know. Besides, I think I hear my mom calling. [puts on a slightly higher pitched voice than her own, covers her mouth, and speaks into her phone] Tamika, time for dinner! Sorry, I gotta go.
    Lil' D: How 'bout you, Eddie?
    Eddie: Uh, I don't know, uh, ooh, I think I hear Tamika's mom callin'. [speaks into his phone similar to Tamika, but with a raspy voice] Eddie, time for dinner. [normal voice] Sorry. It's the only impression I do.
    [Eddie leaves Lil' D: Philly Phil?
    [Philly Phil opens his cell phone and looks at Lil D, fakingly surprised before dashing off]
  • "Yes! Tofu Corn Dogs!"
The Hunt for Red Blobtober
  • This might as well be a crowning episode of funny.
    • The running gag of Kam getting humiliated in some fashion and a bus full of people he knows stopping to say "HI KAM!"
    • Cheddar Man makes knockoffs of popular films. Starring himself. As every role. As part of a Brick Joke, he's seen filming The Wizard of Oz. Playing the Wicked Witch and then Dorothy.
    • Kam asks if a parrot talks. The parrot says its owner "Just sits there and smiles like an idiot!"
      • Said parrot shows up later when the kids accidentally unleash The Blob into the world. "It's a blob! Run for your lives!"
    • The series-wide "Ow! My eye!" gag returns, thanks to Madison throwing records and recording tracks.
    • Madison being literal-mind. How literal? She thinks you're supposed to bring fleas to a flea market and an actual garage to a garage sale.
      • Made funnier because they apparently managed to sell the garage.
    • There's an Art Shift outside the music video where the show suddenly turns into Pac-Man.
    • Several characters make an excuse to get away from the kids. Jan the janitor's is "I got to go plunge a toilet." When we see him again, he actually is plunging a toilet.
Brotha From the Third Rock
  • This little gem.
    Philly Phil: *while walking around what he believes is an alien plant with broken glasses and while being disoriented* 'Well, wherever I am, it appears to have air, sunlight, and- *trips* ... gravity.'
A Westley Side Story
  • After arriving at the Regional Competition, we get this:
    Sunny: Wonder if we got here before Eastley. *Crash* *Sunny's face goes blank* Nope.
    Eddie: (Holding a brick, reading) "Dear Westley, we ran out of rocks, but you still stink. Signed: Eastley." *another crash*
    Philly Phil: (reading) "Dear Westley, we found more rocks."
    • Made even funnier when you take into account that Eddie and Phil used their totally normal voices for that.
    • There's also everyone but Kim and Kam (who are absent) grabbing hold soundly of the Idiot Ball. It's so obvious, it seems almost like a parody of it.
    Sunny: Now if I know Eastley, they're gonna try some dirty tricks on you. So y'all better keep a real close eye on your instruments.
    Lil'D: We will. We ain't no dummies.
    Sunny: I'm serious y'all, don't let nothing distract you. *leaves*
    • In the same episode the class has to vote on another class mate to stay behind from the band competition, à la Survivor. Madison completely misses the point and thinks that she is suppose to vote for herself.
    Sunny: One for for Madison.
    Madison: Yes! Pick me!

     Season 2 
Free Philly
  • Tamika asking her friends to stop her from pummeling one of the magnet school students, she actually meant it since he had a bionic arm; The fact that she paused for a moment and looked at the camera and probably thought "wait...what the hell am I doing!?" just sells it.
  • When Philly Phil is reunited with his friends, if you listen REALLY closely, you can here Kam going: "Ahhhh... Cheesy Puffs..."
Christmas Special
  • Mrs. Claus' reaction to Kam's delight at receiving a membership to the Bigfoot fan club is to remark that "he still believes in Bigfoot".
    • Actually Kam is hilarious throughout the special, insisting that he "reserves the right to remain skeptical" when the group is flying off to help Sunny and Santa (which follows Kim remarking that she's shocked Madison can fly a plane, itself hilarious because apparently flying lessons were Madison's Christmas wish the year before) despite having met Santa in person and denying Santa's magical abilities in the middle of being made capable of flying and pulling Santa's sleigh (the latter makes Kim go "You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me!").
    • The discussion about how hard getting a Xter would be is hysterical, from Eddie morosely sighing that he'll have to settle for getting his own personal professional football team (which features a Cutaway Gag involving him having the instructions he's giving said team questioned, to his clear dismay), to Lil D's confusion and Kam's annoyance, and Madison's grandmother getting the Xter Madison got Lil D instead of the cat-singing-Christmas-carols CD that was meant for her and putting the valuable gaming system through her garbage disposal.
Vote for Sunny
  • Mr. Barnum had a parade of elephants stomping on everyone's cars and spraying confetti at everyone.
    • The way the students campaign to be the student Sunny picks to go with him, from Eddie's blatant attempts at persuasion through the television station (that apparently he managed to get control of) to Li'l D butt-kissing...and Madison has a shirt that literally says "vote Madison" upside down.
Two to Tango
  • In the beginning, every single time Sunny tries to say something to Ms. Lopez? There's either a bus or firetrucks speeding by.
    • When he tries to get to her through the hallway? He has to deal with student antics, from acrobatics juggling poodles, to a duck holding a stop sign for ducklings.


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