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Nightmare Fuel / Cabin Fever

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The First Movie:
Someone needs to visit a dermatologist.
  • A lot of stuff in this movie is going to seriously Squick out germophobes with the high Body Horror quotient inherent in the premise. The best part? Necrotizing fasciitis, while extremely rare, is absolutely real. Sweet dreams, kids. It's actually implied to be STDs or syphilis in the first film, which causes ulcerated sores to melt your face off just because you went bareback. However, it's less contagious.
  • Paul Mercy Killing Karen with a shovel, for one thing, Karen's face which has most of her flesh gone and the fact it's implied Paul suffered a Sanity Slippage considering he saw Marcy ripped apart by the infected dog. The Nightmare Sequence Paul suffers when he dreams of Karen before the infection only to almost kiss her when she looked like the aforementioned scene. Complete with a chilling Scare Chord.
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  • The first movie shows why you should never shave with a flesh eating virus. Graphically.
  • Even the opening credits are unnerving, show what looks like a white sheet that becomes dirty over time before becoming bloodied, complete with an eerie tune with the ambiance of flies swarming nonstop.

Spring Fever:
Can somebody lend him a hand?!
  • John agreeing to have his arm amputated. With a freaking buzzsaw!
  • Paul's state at the beginning of the movie. He's been rendered deformed beyond all recognition, and ultimately gets hit by a bus by the end of the first scene.
  • When Winston is at a restaurant having pancakes, a worker from the Down Home Water company starts choking and falls down. When his shirt is open, it shows his skin peeled off, and blood starts spraying out of his throat device and splatters everywhere! Luckily, Winston made it out uninfected.
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  • In the unrated cut, when John and Alex are checking if they’re infected in the bathroom, Alex finds out his penis is infected and begins to almost rot off in a horrific mix of blood and semen!
  • The mass deaths at the prom, which rivals Carrie (1976) in both its body count and its overall brutality.

Patient Zero: Face, in its finest.
  • The infamous Fan Disservice scene in Patient Zero. Two hot babes duking it out on the beach? Hot! Two hot babes, both of which are in the later stages of a flesh-eating virus tearing each other apart on the beach, culminating in one caving the other's face in? Far, far from anything resembling hot. Patient Zero qualifies for the series's mandatory sex scene horrifically. Namely, by showing exactly why you should open your eyes during oral.

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