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Funny / Cabin Fever

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  • The gun that the old man in the store ominously states is "fer niggers."
  • PANCAKES. That is all.
    • From the credits: Bunny Man (played by): We will never tell
  • Eli Roth's character certainly had has moments. "I guess I'll just have to smoke all this weed by myself then."
  • The nougat?
  • A sort of behind the scenes example; on Bravo’s 30 Even Scarier Movie Moments, Rider Strong talks about shooting the scene where Paul mercy kills Karen with the shovel. According to him, Eli Roth was crouched down off-camera, holding two ketchup bottles full of fake blood, and every time Rider would bring down the shovel, Eli would happily squirt him.
    Rider Strong: It was the happiest day of his life to be able to cover me in blood!

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