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Nightmare Fuel / A Bug's Life

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Leave it to Pixar to make you afraid of bugs once more!

  • "They come. They eat. They leave", referring to the much larger and more threatening grasshoppers terrifying the ants into giving them a huge portion of their food. This line could literally be the tagline for a zombie movie.
    • Ironically, it also accurately describes what ants, fire, army, and driver ants in particular, regularly do to grasshoppers and anything else either too slow to escape when they're on the march or stupid enough to mess with them in Real Life.
  • Thumper. Dear God, Thumper. This guy acts like a crazed attack dog and yet he's the same species as the grasshoppers, which also gives the interpretation of him being a mentally deranged psychopath. Nevertheless, he appears to be a grasshopper version of Danny the Dog. What makes him special is when he's first introduced when Hopper tries to take Dot to him, despite her cries of fear. Despite Hopper's ''reassurance'' to her, it was perfectly clear that he intending to let Thumper do something horrid to the scared girl, all just so he could keep the ants in line.
    Hopper: (holds a crying Dot up by her antennae) What's the matter? You scared of grasshoppers? You don't like Thumper?
  • Hopper. He is one of the scariest family movie villains, period.
    • Hopper's scene at the bar. When he is told by his brother that the grasshoppers would rather stay there than go back to Ant Island, he plays along and says they should stay too, even if Flik stood up to him since, "it's just one ant". Hopper seems entertained by this, as he throws a few pieces of grain at three of his lackeys, while they all laugh it off. But then he breaks the grain dispenser and buries the three grasshoppers in grain, crushing them to death, all while their screams for help go on until they're silenced. And he merely stands there with the most bored/annoyed look on his face as he does nothing to save his trapped Mooks. This scene perfectly shows how Hopper is essentially the first genuinely evil character made by Pixar.
      Hopper: You let one ant stand up to us and then they all might stand up! Those "puny, little ants" outnumber us a hundred to one. And if they ever figure that out, there goes our way of life! It's not about food, it's about keeping those ants in line. That's why we're going back! Does anybody else want to stay?
      (Cue the grasshoppers preparing to take off, all of which (justifiably) having horrified faces)
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    • Hopper menacingly approaching Flik, fire burning in the background, with the greatest murder-face on a family movie villain.
    • Hopper when he lands right in front of Flik and slowly advances with the full intent of killing him. Flik begs for mercy, but Hopper grabs his throat and attempts to strangle him.
    Flik: Hopper!
    Hopper: You think it's over?!
    Flik: No, no, I-I-I can explain!
    Hopper: All your little stunt did was buy them time!
    Flik: No, please! Please, Hopper!
    Hopper: (snatches Flik by the throat) I'll get more grasshoppers and be back next season. But you won't!
  • The bar at the insect city has both human blood and Black Flag (an insecticide) on tap.
  • Flik's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown at the hands of Thumper all while some suspenseful music plays.
  • Grasshoppers trudging out of the mist with no music, only the howling wind.
  • This movie manages to make a rainstorm pretty terrifying. After all, normal raindrops hit the ground like watery napalm.
  • The entire sequence at the end of the movie, beginning with the rain. What is a normal and perfectly harmless occurrence for us humans is amplified into a nightmarish and regular disaster for all bug kind. Amidst the chaos, Hopper still manages to spot Flik, and with a furious roar, lunges at him (see above image), and snatches him and flies off. Flik's friends from the circus try to come to the rescue, but their rescue attempts are all foiled. (Admittedly, the incident where Hopper lost one of his antennae is pretty funny.) Not even Princess Atta can keep Hopper away for too long, and his final death, albeit very karmic and well-deserved, in and of itself was very unsettling.
  • The movie does a pretty good job of making an otherwise adorable little summer tanager and its chicks absolutely terrifying. While a bird feeding its young obviously isn't scary, quite the opposite in every other situation really, Hopper's Family-Unfriendly Death shows how horrifying it would be if you were a bug. Consider the sounds the bird makes; they did a convincing job of depicting what birdsong must sound like from a bug's perspective, because the deep and loud screeches it makes would be right at home in Jurassic Park. It's a harrowing reminder that despite the widespread belief (especially at the time of the movie's release) that they all died in the Chicxulub asteroid apocalypse 65 million years ago, the dinosaurs still walk strong among the living. Even more terrifying is the speed in which the bird jumps in front of Hopper, and then snaps him up to feed to the chicks. It's 100% clear that, from the moment that the bird saw him, there was no escape.
    • Hopper was eaten alive by the birds. When the camera cuts away from the scene, he's still in the adult bird's beak, and note that it is NOT doing any attempt to snap his neck or whatever to give him a quick and painless death; on the contrary, it looks to be about to just drop him into (one of) the chicks' mouths. He'd still be fully conscious when given to the chicks as food.
    • It’s so horrifying that even Flik and Atta, despite knowing how horrible Hopper has been to them, can’t bear to look and shy away just as the bird lowers Hopper down.
  • A minor one occurs with P. T. Flea during his song when he is leaving the anthill with the circus bugs and a banished Flik. He sings the morbid line of "The streets will be paved with golden retrievers".
     Video Game 
  • The Daddy Long Legs' you first encounter in "Riverbead Canyon" can be quite scary to little kid players, given their large sizes, ugly looks, and the Uncanny Valley faces on their models.
  • At the end of the game's credits, a rather frightening still of Hopper is used. It can serve as a Jump Scare to the uninitiated.
  • The boss fight against Thumper can be a bit tense and scary for younger players the first time. It has very tense music, Thumper looks scary and moves fast while making animal noises, and he first appears in a Jump Scare, showing up out of nowhere and flying down at you at fast speed when you near the center of the room