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Nightmare Fuel / A Bug's Life

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Leave it to Pixar to make you afraid of bugs once more!

  • Grasshoppers trudging out of the mist with no music, only the howling wind.
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  • This movie manages to make a rainstorm pretty terrifying. After all, normal raindrops hit the ground like watery napalm.
  • The entire sequence at the end of the movie, beginning with the rain. What is a normal and perfectly harmless occurrence for us humans is amplified into a nightmarish and regular disaster for all bug kind. Amidst the chaos, Hopper still manages to spot Flik, and with a furious roar, lunges at him (see above image), and snatches him and flies off. Flik's friends from the circus try to come to the rescue, but their rescue attempts are all foiled. (Admittedly, the incident where Hopper lost one of his antennae is pretty funny.) Not even Princess Atta can keep Hopper away for too long, and his final death, albeit very karmic, in and of itself was very unsettling.
  • The movie does a pretty good job of making a cute little goldfinch and its chicks absolutely terrifying. While a mother bird feeding her chicks obviously isn't scary, Hopper's Family-Unfriendly Death shows how horrifying it would be if you were a bug. The sound the bird makes; they did a convincing job of depicting what birdsong must sound like from a bug's perspective, because the deep and loud screeches she makes would be right at home in Jurassic Park. Dinosaurs are still among us, pal. Even more terrifying is the speed in which the goldfinch jumps in front of Hopper, and then snaps him up to feed to her chicks. It's one hundred percent clear that, from the moment that the goldfinch saw him, there was no escape.
    • Hopper was eaten alive by the birds. When the camera cuts away from the scene, he's still in the mother bird's beak, and note that she is NOT doing any attempt to snap his neck or whatever to give him a quick and painless death; on the contrary, she looks to be about to just drop him into (one of) her chicks' mouths. He'd still be fully conscious when given to the chicks as food... and going by there being three hungry chicks, he'd more than likely be torn apart by them beforehand as well. Simply put, it's a genuinely gruesome death for a G-rated movie; and his terrified screaming and rapid-fire "no!"s certainly don't help.
  • A minor case occurs with P. T. Flea during his song when he is leaving the anthill with the circus bugs and a banished Flik. He sings the morbid line of "The streets will be paved with golden retrievers".
     Video Game 
  • The Daddy Long Legs' you first encounter in "Riverbead Canyon" can be quite scary to little kid players, given their large sizes, ugly looks, and the Uncanny Valley faces on their models.
  • At the end of the game's credits, a rather frightening still of Hopper is used. It can serve as a Jump Scare to the uninitiated.


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