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Heartwarming / A Bug's Life

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  • Dot snapping Flick out of his Heroic BSoD ("Pretend it's a seed, okay?"). The hug that follows is so incredibly adorable and warm.
    • Flik and Dot's friendship throughout the movie is nothing short of sweet itself. Dot is the first one to show any genuine appreciation for Flik's inventive ideas, and she's the only one who still believes in him when he gets exiled from the colony for his "warrior bugs" deception.
  • "Well, Flik, you really goofed up... thanks." Followed by the circus bugs and the entire colony applauding. Flik is understandably teary-eyed.
  • In all the colony, out of all the countless ants, it's not the elders or the Council or even the Queen who speaks up when Dot is being threatened. It's Flik, the outcast.
    "Leave her alone!"
  • Flik and the circus bugs rescuing Dot from the goldfinch. Followed by:
    Rosie: W-What is that?
    Manny: That, my friends, is the sound of applause!
  • Gypsy's tendency to gently rub Manny's hand when he's feeling down. The quiet love between them is tangible whenever they're onscreen together and it's not a CMOF.
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  • The two young ants who want the circus bugs' autographs.
    "When I grow up, I want to be a praying mantis!"
    "I want to be a stick bug!"
    "Oh, they're all so cool—I can't pick!"
  • While it doubles as a CMOF, Rosie's horror when she realizes she actually hurt Dim and the fact that she immediately rushes to comfort him regardless of P.T's anger.
  • The scene in the circus van, with Flik's friends reminding him of the good he's done.
  • When the bird crashes, Atta is clearly willing to die rather than let Hopper hurt the girls.
    • And before that (though it crosses with a Tearjerker), her desperate "Dot! Dot! Has anyone seen Dot?" Especially heartwarming given their rocky relationship up to that point.
  • The first thing Atta does upon being inspired by Flik's "Ants don't serve grasshoppers" speech is to defend him from Hopper. The first thing that she says to Flik is "I'm so proud of you, Flik!". After all the times she's been anything but patient with Flik, especially the part where she banishes him and the circus bugs, that one moment there officially cements her newfound respect for him. It soon becomes even sweeter when she shows genuine concern for him when he goes to lure Hopper to the bird's nest to be eaten.
    • Even before that moment, there are quite a few moments that show how much their relationship is improving. The conversation they have after the bird attack has some pretty sweet exchanges between them - first off, Flik tells Atta that she's doing a great job despite her thinking otherwise. That is followed by her expression of self-doubt and the notion that everyone could be watching her, "waiting for (her) to screw up", as Flik puts it (that also doubles as a bit of a Tearjerker). Then, after she offers him the position as the Queen's official aide to the "warrior" bugs and compliments him for his bravery during the bird attack, Flik responds with a modest, "Really? Naw, naw." And to top it all off, after she reveals that even Hopper is deathly afraid of birds, he suddenly runs off but immediately comes back with a quick "Thank you", and kisses her on the cheek before running off again. Atta clearly didn't see that coming, but you can tell how touched by it she is afterwards.
      • The "building the bird" sequence after that has a few instances such as an awkward "Hi, Flik …" from Atta while they're picking up part of the acorn they are using as the beak, and Flik later staring lovingly at her as she compliments the other ants. Atta soon notices him, but he quickly hides himself behind a leaf. Even so, she can't resist doing the same thing eventually. And finally, after the bird is finished, they get their antennae tangled after she thanks him for finding the "warriors" (which also crosses with a funny moment).
  • "Sorry. My place is here."
    • "Good answer."
  • Francis catching Dot mid-fall. Bear in mind, he's been established as the Token Jerkass Teammate, yet when he sees a small child screaming for help, his first instinct is to save her.
    • Also, his bonding with the Blueberry Scouts, and the kids all hugging him tight as they all say goodbye.
  • Molt, Hopper's Minion with an F in Evil brother, actually getting a Happy Ending and taking a job with the circus bugs.
  • Mixed with CMOF, Hopper and Thumper are considerably nicer out-of-character in the Hilarious Outtakes.
  • Hopper, despite being odious, remarks that he hasn't killed Molt because he promised his mother on her deathbed that he wouldn't. And he kept that promise. Even Evil Has Loved Ones indeed.

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