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Xera is a band from Asturias, Spain. Their music is a mixture of traditional Asturian folknote  and techno. So their music varies from folk songs with dense electronic rhythm sections; to energetic techno songs with gaita, fiddle, and bouzouki carrying the melody; to everything in between.

All their music to date has been released under a Creative Commons license, and can be downloaded for free off their website or Jamendo.


  • Lliendes (2006)
  • Tierra (2009)
  • Llume (2012)

  • Vérval: bouzouki, keys, vocals
  • Flavia: fiddle, hurdy-gurdy, rabelnote 
  • Míguel: percussion, vocals
  • Hanni: keys, guitar, gaita, percussion, vocals
  • Ana: keys
  • Nue (former member): gaita, flute

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