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Music video art of x0o0x_'s song " ".

x0o0x_, also known as "guest" (Japanese: ゲスト) on Nico Nico Douga, is a Japanese music producer and utaitenote , known for releasing nameless music videos on Nico Nico and YouTube. A Reclusive Artist with a completely unknown real identity who uses impossible-to-search nameless channels and videos, x0o0x_ has gained memetic popularity on English YouTube because of this intense reclusion.

x0o0x_'s reclusive behavior in fact originates from the behaviors of Japanese music producer Koronba, who uploaded music on Nico Nico from 2008-2016, but actively attempted to prevent the spread of their name and works, and eventually deleted all of their social media accounts after an outburst on Twitter. Koronba's catchy songs, extreme reclusiveness, and tragic end ironically gave them a cult following and inspired numerous tribute channels, with x0o0x_ being one of themnote .


Active since 2018, x0o0x_'s earlier works were covers of songs by Koronba and other Koronba tribute channels. From 2019 onwards, the artist began uploading original, Koronba-styled anti-search-engine music featuring human, Vocaloid, or UTAU vocals. x0o0x_ frequently collaborates with stdio_nameraka for the many background illustrations in their original music videos.

The artist's official YouTube channels are both nameless; much of the community, both in Japan and in the West, uses the name x0o0x_, the name of the artist's "official" Twitter account (the name of the account is used in the artist's official music video descriptions), to refer to the artist.

x0o0x_'s channels: Niconico Channel, YouTube Main Channel, YouTube Secondary Channel. They also have a channel on the Chinese video website Bilibili.


Additional reading about the artist can be found on Nico Nico Dictionary (Japanese only).

    Songs / Videos 

Nameless Songs

Named Songs

  • 冥路 (meiro), collaboration song between x0o0x_ and another artist named suuzi. The version on x0o0x_'s channel features their own vocals; another version with suuzi's vocals can be found on suuzi's channel (there is also an instrumental version available in suuzi's Pixiv fanbox).


  • Cover of Koronba's song "Iwashi ga Tsuchi kara Haetekurun da" (English: A Sardine Grows from the Soil)
  • Cover of the song "Kuneru Engeiza" by denki kujira (ELwhale35)
  • Cover of "Big Brother" by KAKU P-MODEL (a.k.a. Susumu Hirasawa).
  • A few more cover songs on the artist's Nico Nico Douga channel.


  • Ambiguous Gender: The artist's voice is quite androgynous and their gender was never revealed due to their reclusiveness.
  • Author Avatar: The blue-haired girl with a bow on her hair appears to be the artist's avatar, who appears in almost all of their videos and on some of their account avatars.
  • Fun with Subtitles: The caption tracks do this. With it doing things such as having words appear one at a time, or the letters disappearing from them. Usually, this is done to match the kinetic typography in the videos, so the artistic significance behind them isn't lost to anyone who can't read Japanese.
  • Homage: The 2019/11/1 song and the 2019/12/25 song are both tributes to Koronba's "Lamprey Hole", sharing very similar MV styles and chiptuney instruments.
  • Spell My Name with a Blank: Both of x0o0x_'s YouTube channels are nameless, and almost all of their songs are nameless. These blank titles are created by using a "zero width non-joiner" for the title.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: The girl that appears in most of the channel's videos has blue hair.

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