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Music / Sam And The Womp

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I'm the cat with the bass and drum going around like Bom bom bom!
Sam and the Womp is a band that is known for their song “Bom Bom” which charted worldwide and was used in numerous movies. Bloem de Lignyand Sam Ritchie are the members of the group. Aaron Audio originally did the music before leaving shortly after "Bom Bom" was created.

Their trademark is their incorporation of trumpets into EDM music and crazy music videos which are popular on YouTube.

Tropes in Sam and the Womp:

  • Camp Straight: The band is flashy with their clothes from Bloem looking flowery with her dresses to Sam having a pack on his chest with his hats and coats.
  • I Need a Freaking Drink: In “Bom Bom”
    I want 16 pints of rum and then I go Bom Bom!
  • Large Ham: In “Bom Bom”
    ”I’m so cool and I’m so goofy. WHEN I GO BOM BOM BOM!!!!

  • Looped Lyrics: In “Ice Cream Man”
    I am the ice cream man!
    I got all the flavors in my van!
    I am the ice cream man!
    I got all the flavors in my van!

  • Medium Blending: In the video for “Bom Bom” there is icons and other cartoon graphics that fly all over the place.
  • Signature Instrument: Sam has his trumpet he plays in every song.
  • Suddenly Shouting: “I’m so cool and I’m so groovy WHEN I GO BOM BOM BOM!!!!
  • Surreal Music Video:
    • “Fireflies” shows the band members with laser makeup in trippy backgrounds.
    • ”Ice Cream Man” is the band in trippy backgrounds and with edited screens of ice cream trucks.
  • Word Salad Lyrics: Their song “Bom Bom” contains random words throughout the song.
  • A Wild Rapper Appears!: In “Sun Dance” K.O.G does a rap verse in the middle.