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This page isn't about any of the Black Metal bands named Satan. Sorry.

No, this Satan is a member of the NWOBHM movement that started in the late 70s/early 80s with a sound leaning towards power/thrash metal, who managed to score themselves a cult following with their debut album Court in the Act.

Like the majority of their fellow New Wave bands, they didn't make it big, but have soldiered on through the years.

Band's name has gone through several changes, from Satan to Blind Fury in mid-eighties, then back to Satan, then to Pariah, and now back to Satan.


As Satan:

  • Court in the Act (1983)
  • Into the Future (1987, EP)
  • Suspended Sentence (1987)
  • Life Sentence (2013)
  • Atom by Atom (2015)

As Blind Fury:

  • Out of Reach (1985)

As Pariah:

  • The Kindred (1988)
  • Blaze of Obscurity (1989)
  • Unity (1997)


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