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For a general list of bizarre ads, not all of which fall under this trope, see Dada Ad. For ads that are confusing on account of failing to properly say what they were advertising, see What Were They Selling Again?
  • This commercial for Charmin Ultra Soft toilet paper. We have a blue cartoon bear giving a Barry White-esque serenade to his girl bear. He then reaches over... and grabs some toilet paper. He proceeds to rub it all over him. Insert spiel about how awesome the toilet paper is. He then passes the toilet paper to the girl bear, who then proceeds to rub it all over him while they look at each other amorously. It's safe to assume that furry toilet paper fetish foreplay ensued.
  • Old Spice. "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" series is bizarre, but still clear in the presentation of its thesis. "The Heart of a Champion," however, is sheer insanity.
    • Terry Crews' Odor Blocker ads have it both ways. Why they zoom in to show him chilling out in his own armpit makes sense, but it's hard to explain what the hell the talking tiger is doing.
  • The "Find Your Frappuccino" commercials from Starbucks.
  • "Suzi Van Zoom" from McDonald's involves a girl riding a bicycle to the titular restaurant... and that's all you get, she rides through a bunch of surreal jungle landscapes picking up animals on her way to McDonald's while it's filmed in surreal claymation and moving so fast your brain will explode trying to figure out what the heck is going on!
    • The screwiest thing about this commercial is that all of that happens in a span of less than 10 seconds. Before you can even register the first few seconds, the commercial's over already.
    • And then there's this one, which aired in Japan.
  • This Sprite ad. Apparently they're trying to do subliminal messaging...?
  • David Lynch has expanded his surreal directorial skills to encompass TV ads. Among the strangest are this cigarette ad (was apparently filmed backwards, involves two guys in Fifties attire using magic powers on a pile of fish), this teaser for Michael Jackson's "Dangerous" (some red desert landscape and a fiery geyser feature in it), and this ad for the PlayStation 2 (guy walks down a hall with a lot of weird and creepy stuff happening).
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  • This acid-trip-like advert for a Russian clothing store (somewhat NSFW).
  • Many commercials from Japanese TV are made of this trope. Apparently one acceptable tactic Japanese marketeers typically use on the unsuspecting public is to confuse the viewers into submission.


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