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Manga / Fairy Tail Blue Mistral

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A Fairy Tail spin-off, written and illustrated by Watanabe Rui, starring Wendy Marvell, set before the main series timeskip.

Wendy Marvell has recently joined Fairy Tail, a powerful wizard guild, and wishes to prove herself by undertaking a request all by herself but it may prove more difficult than she originally imagined. Spans four volumes.

Vol 1: Wendy and Carla go to a village to investigate a potential dragon sighting and end up helping a girl who lives outside the village.

Vol 2: On the train ride back from the previous adventure. Wendy ends up falling out a window following a scuffle and ends up in a supposedly cursed mansion.

Vol 3: Wendy and Carla go to investigate a town who's girls have gone missing with Wendy taking on the appearance of a boy to keep herself safe. The search ends up turning personal when Carla suddenly flies off all of a sudden and the only way to find her is to join the local knights chapter.


Vol 4: Going off a tip from the previous volume. Wendy and Carla arrive in a town called Verrine where they meet a young girl named Emily who sees Wendy as an angel she summoned with her harp. Wendy plays along in the hope of attracting the one claiming to have seen a dragon. Unbeknown to either of them that a cult has their eye on the two.

Fairy Tail Blue Mistral provides example of:

  • Art Shift: Due to not being drawn by Mashima.
  • Big Damn Heroes:
    • Natsu, Lucy, Gray and Erza come to help Wendy against Night Butterfly in the first volume.
    • Natsu and Happy likewise do so when Wendy is incapciated by the cult in the fourth volume.
  • Blow You Away: Wendy uses wind magic.
  • Cult: The antagonists of vol 4 lead by the priest named Father Louis of the town where they worship a god named Trident and think Emily is a demon because of the tremors that happen around the area. Turns out was due to a nearby volcano not to far from their island going off and creating a new island.
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  • Easily Forgiven: Being Fairy Tail yeah. Most of the people who wrong them are usually forgiven if they had some good intentions behind their actions.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Rather "What Was I Going to do". Father Louis has this reaction when he finds out that the tremors weren't because of the "demons" as he he thought angering his God. But a volcano off the coast of their island erupting and making a new island. Needless to say he's horrified he nearly killed two innocent girls in his zealous pursuit.
  • Mysterious Note: When Wendy arrives at Nanalu village, she finds out there's no one there named "Ryuu", the name of the person who wrote the request.
  • Love Triangle: Appears to be developing one between Wendy, Yoshino and Shiyu in the first volume.
  • The Phoenix: In the 4th volume, it's revealed Emily's mother was a Celestial Wizard and had the Phoenix key. Which comes in handy when they need to summon him to save Wendy from the poison killing her.
  • Reality Ensues: As much as Wendy wants to take on a mission by herself, her first-time experience as a member of Fairy Tail proves to be difficult.
  • Save the Villain: Natsu does so in the 4th volume to save Father Louis from a cave in, despite him nearly killing Wendy and Emily.
  • Sweet Polly Oliver: Wendy pretends to be a boy imaginatively named Wendel.
  • Taking the Bullet: In vol 4, Wendy takes a poison arrow for Emily that nearly kills her.
  • Where Are They Now: The fourth vol omake shows what the characters of the "Blue Mistral" series look like seven years into the future. Though if it's real or not is debatable since it seems like a dream of Wendy and Carla.

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