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Literature / The Devil Dances Trilogy

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The Devil Dances is a trilogy of books written by French author Herve Jubert and later translated into English, about a world consumed by floods where magic is fairly commonplace, while crime has practically been eliminated. The protaganists are Roberta Morgenstern, a Deadpan Snarker sorceress, and her handsome but dim partner Clement Martineau.

In the first book Dance of the Assassins, the first murder in decades occurs in the Historic Cities, a sort of theme park for bored rich types where several historical eras have been recreated.


In the sequel The Devil's Tango, a new killer is haunting the streets of Basle, namely the Baron of the Mists, a copycat killer who is murdering the descendants of old criminals. But more worryingly is this deluge being creating outside the city walls, and the upcoming elections...

The third book The Sabbat Samba was not released in English.

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