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About a third of the jokes in 2 Broke Girls riff on the homoeroticism of Max and Caroline's friendship. The other two-thirds are ethnic humor and rich-are-different jokes.

Caroline: Could you do me a favor and open the back door?
Max: We've known each other two days and you're already asking for back door?
  • Max and Caroline sharing a bed.
  • This moment from "And The Pretty Problem:"
    Max: Look, I don't want to wake you up, so why don't you sleep in my bed and I'll sleep on your vagina.
    Caroline: Just make sure you buy me breakfast afterwards.
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  • The whole break-up and make-up.
    Caroline: Your bed is so soft.
    Max: That's my boob!
  • Caroline asks Max to come out and see something she bought:
    Max: If I'm coming out for anyone, it'd be that hot dragon tattoo chick.
  • The song they dance to together in "And the Rich People Problems" is “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You” by the Black Kids. The chorus contains the refrain "You are the girl that I've been dreaming of ever since I was a little girl." (Emphasis added.) The whole song is told from the point of view of a woman heartbroken over the fact that the woman she's in love with is getting romantically involved with a man. So Max and Caroline were dancing—at one point grinding—to a lesbian love song. That's just barely subtext anymore.
  • "You were spooning me"
  • A rare aversion in "And The Blind Spot":
    Caroline: When Katy Perry kissed a girl and liked it, I kissed one too. And I didn't.
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  • But then in 'And the Cupcake War' the Les Yay is back twice as hard, with Max slapping Carolines butt, Caroline sitting in bed besides Max and hugging Max really tight (while they're still in bed. Max says that it actually makes her uncomfortable, so that might be averted) and Caroline saying that she's Max's pimp. (Makes Sense In Context)
  • Lampshaded in "And Too Little Sleep":
    Max: We can't wait to go home and go to bed.
    Oleg: 'You're sleeping together? I mean, it's been a will they won't they since they met".
  • In "And The Psychic Shakedown" Max and Caroline manage to make stuffing Carolines bra with eggs les yay-tastic.
  • "And The Temporary Distraction" Besides Max and Caroline's drunken two man party, Max brings harrasment charges against Caroline and everything Caroline says in the meeting makes her sound more and more like a Psycho Lesbian.
  • It's not just the title characters. In "And the Window of Opportunity", Caroline tries to counsel Oleg that Sophie may think he's moving too fast.
    Oleg: She thinks I'm smothering her? Have you ever tried motorboating those cans?
    Max: I did once but I was really drunk.
    • Though not to be out done Caroline gives some CPR to Max.
  • In "And the Kickstarter" Max tells Caroline that she loves her. It was her first time saying it to anybody.
    • Plus their whole argument sounds like something two quarreling lovers would say to each other.
  • In "And the Kitty Kitty Spank Spank" Max twice spanks Caroline much too her enjoyment.
    Caroline: Why do I like that so much?
    Max: Cause something with boobs is touching you.
  • In "And The Piece of Sheet" Caroline tells Max she can "Rub Her", latter max falls asleep while rubbing Caroline's PJ's
  • While it's no real surprise that Max enjoyed Jun's dance in "And the Girlfriend Experience" Caroline too began to enjoy it. It's also no surprise that Max really indulged in the lesbian innuendos.
  • In "And The Life After Death" when Max and Caroline go to their class and job respectively they call each other wife and share a kiss (on the cheek)
  • In "And the Wedding Cake Cake Cake" Max and Caroline slow dance together at the end of the wedding they baked a cake for. Claire watching the two decides she likes girls now.
  • In "And The Reality Problem," Max gives Caroline an emergency haircut when the latter gets her hair stuck in her bed and grins that "we're finally going to scissor!"
  • In "And the Model Apartment," the girls rent their apartment out, expecting some loser guests. Instead, they find Martha Hunt, Lily Aldridge and other Victoria's Secret models showing up.
    Max: Shoot, now I'm gay.
  • In "And the Inside-Outside Situation," the two accidentally anger a gay artist and get themselves picketed by LGBT factions. A man offers them a big payday to deliver cupcakes to a meeting where they end up being given a check for several thousand dollars. However, the girl realize that the group just happens to be a "American morals" anti-gay society. Knowing they can't be seen associating with these bigots, they share a kiss right on stage before the shocked crowd. The photo goes viral and suddenly, those same LGBT protesters are the girls' best customers.
  • Sophie's mentioned to have been with girls in the past and has an attraction to Max.
  • Max's mention of kissing girls.
  • When Caroline joins a cult with Max the leader Elaine offers herself sexually to Caroline as a sort of initiation or regular activity of the cult. Caroline rejects Elaine's offer with "No offense, but you can't be the first person I have sex with this year" before looking at Max.
  • When crawling behind Max Caroline comments on how good Max's butt looks from this angle.
  • The girls are trying to steal some holy water with Caroline carrying a milk carton.
    Max: Nice jug.
    Caroline: Oh, Max, I've waited six years for you to say that!
  • The girls do a whacky dance to the "Wharton School theme song" that involves Max smacking Caroline's butt.
  • Getting drunk at a party, Caroline makes out with a guy. When his fiancee gasps in horror, Caroline kisses her too.

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