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  • Caroline getting revenge on the girl who stole the Strokes T-shirt Max was going to buy.
  • Earl, the cashier, gets two in "And the '90s Horse Party": putting an end to the flash mob with his baseball bat, and fixing the time on the clock with the same.
    My, my, how time does fly.
  • Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment: At the beginning of "And The Disappearing Bed", Caroline complains to Max that a guy she waited on short changed her on a tip. (He left her $1.47 on a $50 check). Just about every word Max says up until that point is a sarcastic quip about Caroline, but the minute she finds out what Caroline is talking about, she walks out of the diner, chases the guy down and berates him for not leaving a big enough tip. When he says tipping is optional, she says "So is me spitting in your food. Remember that."
    • She also gets his date to dump him on the spot for not being Nice to the Waiter, but that was more of an accidental bonus.
  • Depending how you view it, Han, in "And The Pop-Up Sale", finally growing some balls as a manager by telling off Oleg the Cook about his food service and hygiene/clothing problems.
    Han: You smell so bad, my mother in Korea called to ask "What's that horrible smell?"
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  • Han on a horse, riding like a jockey, in order to help the girls in getting to the MET ball in "And Have A Martha Stewart Ball".
  • Han taking action during the robbery in "And the Hold-Up".
  • Max refusing to take any crap from the four old lady customers.
  • A man tries to rob the diner and Oleg comes out with a bat ready to stop the guy.
  • He's still got it.


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