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Max is a hipster
Because her and mainstream go together like oil and water.

Caroline has a sister who will be introduced as a character at some point.
When Max confronted Caroline about her father's Ponzi Scheme, Caroline responded "He told us we were having a good year." Note that she said us, not me, meaning she wasn't the only one he kept in the dark about this. There's more than one member of her family. Now, she could have just meant her and her mother, but given the comedic potential of such a thing, I suspect that she'll be revealed to have a sister later on in the series.
  • Her grandmother got rid of her mother so that might suggest that she might have had some power over her father; he let it happen after all. Maybe she ment her grandmother and herself?
  • Whilst this is quite possible, this troper and many of his friends do actually use the term "us" in the singular sense (I know it doesn't make any sense, but we still do it).
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  • Also possible, unrelated to the evidence, Caroline's mother remarried and had another daughter.

Max is a compulsive liar
Her stories seem too farfetched to be true.
  • Or she is just kidding to freak Caroline out.

Caroline and Max will fall in love at some point.
It seems painfully obvious that Caroline and Max are headed for a relationship at some point. Note the pilot episode where Max accidentally kisses a woman on the subway, perhaps foreshadowing? In episode two, they were already in bed with each other and Max claims that Caroline would be "the last les she'd be in." And even if it's not headed that way at this point, the writers may hear the fans, who are clamoring for Maxoline (Max/Caroline).
  • The writers seem to have something in mind, if this interview is anything to go by.(Last question.) [1]
  • And seeing that Caroline says that Max is 'kinda turning on'... ("And the Hold-Up") You might be onto something.

Even more likely. Max and Caroline will wake up naked in bed together after a night of heavy drinking .

Martin Channing will be revealed to be a good guy all along.
This was hinted at in episode 4, when Caroline called him on the phone and said that "he can't be such a bad guy." Perhaps at the end of the season, he will get out of prison, and there will be the potential of Max and Caroline "breaking up."
  • Maybe not a "good" guy, but perhaps not as bad as he's made out to be. It's important to keep in mind that this is a guy who wasn't bothered by the fact that his scam probably ruined a lot of peoples' lives, so he's somewhat lacking in moral character. That said, it's already apparent that he genuinely loves his daughter and wants to make sure she's doing okay.
    • It wouldn't be a huge surprise if it turned out that he was a fall guy for his business partners, and was as much in the dark as Caroline was... although based on things Caroline has said, it would be something of a retcon.
      • Or his own mother had that much power over him. Remember Caroline's mother?
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  • Well now that we've met him it's pretty safe to say this is partially confirmed. Martin Channing is a decent guy, but admits that what he did was wrong and ended up hurting a lot of people (including his own daughter). His ability to recognize his crime and how much damage he did makes him even more sympathetic than if he was framed, because we've all made shitty decisions we wish we could take back.

Johnny and Max will become a couple but break up... leaving him free to get together with Caroline.
It just seems like Johnny and Caroline have the potential to become the show's Super Couple. Plus they have great chemistry together.

Max and Caroline are an alternate universe Sam and Carly
It would explain the abundant Les Yay

Max and Caroline are an alternative universe Rocky and CeCe
That explains their personalities, especially peppy Caroline.

Martin Channing will eventually be acquitted.
As a result, the feds will unfreeze his assets, and Caroline will be able to get her old life back. She'll decide, however, that she still wants to live with and be business partners with Max.
  • I'd consider this one implicitly JOSSED by the beginning of the second season. Caroline repeatedly refers to him as being in prison, not in jail ... she is certainly smart enough to know the difference (you're in jail when you're awaiting trial, and in prison afterwards). And when they traveled there they had to take a bus, suggesting it's some distance from the city.
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  • Further, an auction of property acquired with illegally obtained funds, as shown in "And the Hidden Stash," can only take place after forfeiture, which is automatic with a criminal conviction.
  • So it seems likely that, at some point when we weren't watching during the first season, Martin Channing pled guilty.

Martin Channing will get out of jail, but his assets will still be frozen
Once Caroline's truly adapted to being poor, he'll be freed and have to learn
  • Not likely as even with a possible plea deal Martin Channing will likely be in the big house for quite a while.
Caroline's mother will show up at some point.
She told Max back in "And the Rich People Problems" that her grandmother had gotten rid of her mother "in a society way." But Caroline's mother is presumably still alive, and might use the disgrace of her ex-husband as a reason or excuse to reestablish contact with her daughter.

And, while we're at it, at some point Max's father will show up.
Because I said so.
  • Of course he will be African-American leading to Caroline punching the air in a victorious manner and yelling "I KNEW IT"
  • Note that in "And the Hold-Up", Max enjoys talking back to the movie screen loudly and tells Caroline "More white people should do this."
  • "And the Pre-Approved Credit Card" plays with this, with Max joking (or not joking) about Cedric the Entertainer's character being her brother.
  • Then there's "And the Psychic Shakedown" where Caroline tried to convince Max that she should claim her father was a minority so they'll be eligible for a small business grant.
  • In "And the Married Man Sleepover", Max explains her change of hairstyle by describing herself as an old drag queen trapped in the body of a little black child.
And he will be played by Damon Wayans cause why not ?
  • He shows up, but he's white and played by Steven Weber.
    • No, Steven Weber played Caroline's dad, not Max's.

"And the Hidden Stash" was originally meant to be the first-season finale, instead of the second-season premiere
  • The entire first season had been building up to a reveal of Caroline's dad. First we saw her (and sometimes Max) talking to him on her phone. Then they almost saw him in prison. It would have made sense for them both to finally see him the way they did at the end of the first act of that episode.
  • The whole episode makes a nice resolution of both character's arcs. Max realizes there is no shortcut to
  • The promos for that episode showed a big cutout with a question mark over Martin's face, as if we didn't know who was going to play him. That was completely pointless as we'd already seen Martin's face on a laptop screen in "And Martha Stewart Have A Ball (Part 1)" so we knew it was Steven Weber. That big guessing game makes sense only if "And the Hidden Stash" was intended to air first.
  • The second episode of the second season, "And the Pearl Necklace" will continue with the Martha Stewart arc (although she will not appear). It would seem a little strange to interrupt it for an episode that finally brought such an important support character into the diegesis.

Max's father is Rob Liefeld
  • C'mon, huge boobs and a name that contains cliche 90s Anti-hero words like "Max" and "Black"? Who else could it possibly be?

Max's father will be played by Lenny Kravitz
"And the Kosher Cupcake's" suggest that Max's father may be Jewish though there is ample evidence he also may be black see some of the WMG's above. Who better to play a black Jewish guy than a black Jewish guy.

Max is Tanqueray from American Dad!.
Well, is it that much of a stretch?To clarify, in American Dad Stan came across a stripper named Tanqueray who was played by and had, in this Troper's opinion, a more than passing resemblance to Kat Dennings. At the end of the episode she leaves the Smith household only for Francine to come running down the stairs moments later panicking that all of her jewellery is missing, presumably stolen by Tanqueray.

This is the last we see of her in the series (her death on a bus doesn't count, that's clearly AFTER 2 Broke Girls when she returns to Langley Falls, maybe to give the Smiths the money for/ the jewellery back with the money she made from the cupcake business), so presumably she pawned off the jewellery and used the money to get to New York where she discovered she has a talent for making cupcakes and changed her stripper name to Max.

Also, the episode showed Tanqueray/Max to be terrible as a business woman.

Martin Channing is Maxs father
Before Martin found the first Mrs Channing he found a Ms right now, AKA Maxs mom

Max's mother is Caroline's "socially gotten rid of" mother
Since we do not know who's older (never explicitly mentioned I believe), Max could be the child from Caroline's mother's affair, and was not found out in a mundane way till Caroline was 5, and hence the "gotten rid of socially" part.
  • Caroline's birthdate is mentioned to be May 28, 1987 making her 26 as of Season 3. Max is also stated to be 26 as of season 3 though no birthdate is given.

Max's Dad is gay
The one time he had sex with a woman he got Max

Max's dad is Bernard Black from Black Books
Left Max with nothing but his surname and hugely cynical view on life...
Earl is Max's Father
Considering how Max acts like Earl pretty much kinda is and how she pretty much treated Earl's son like a brother even though it hasnt been established they are really related. Wouldnt it not just make perfect sense?

Oleg is Max's biological dad
Imagine the twist it would be, and how Max would react. Of course, neither of them would actually know about this.

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