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Ho Yay

J.D. and Turk
  • This is so blatant that no one bothers to write slash fics of these two.
  • J.D. and Turk call each other "Chocolate Bear" and "Vanilla Bear".
  • They sing a song about "guy love" in the musical episode.
    • Also the Westside Story reference. "A surgeon and a doc above it all."
  • Rather screamingly lampshaded in the season 8 episode "My Comedy Show", where the new interns are required to do comic sketches about the senior staff for a show. The J.D./Turk sketch? Denise and Sunny pretend to be them. They stare into each others' eyes, and begin making out. When everyone looks around to see JD and Turk's reactions, JD has his arms wrapped around Turk.
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  • This exchange:
    Carla: (to Elliot) When Turk and I first started going out, I was afraid he was more in love with his best friend than with me.
    Turk: Baby, they've got those lemon biscotti that J.D. loves. Can I have some money to buy him one?
    Carla: No, you bought him a present yesterday, remember?
    Carla: Alright, let's go... wait, where's Turk? And where's my purse?
    J.D.: Thanks for the biscotti, Turk.
    Turk: Anytime, buddy. Anytime.
  • Even Zach Braff and Donald Faison (J.D. and Turk respectively) get their Ho Yay on with their version of "Baby It's Cold Outside"
  • Season 5 starts with J.D. secretly living in the apartment with Turk and Carla, only to get caught sneaking out of the apartment in his undies to fetch his freshly-laundered clothes.
    Carla: Are you wearing boxers?
    J.D.: Yes I am, Carla, because I know when Turk's sad, he likes me to come over in my boxers because he likes to call me his "honky Adonis", and that's what friends do.
    (Carla and Elliot shrug)
    Inner Monologue: They bought it?! Are we that gay?
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  • In "My Jiggly Ball", Elliot is talking to one of J.D. and Turk's patients:
    "Yeah, I think I know this guy. Is he a cocky black doctor with a white doctor following him around and looking at him like he's in love?"
  • Also from "My Jiggly Ball":
    J.D.: I really missed living with Turk, but living with Elliot wasn't that bad.
  • In "My Last Chance", Denise Lemmon thinks Turk and J.D. are "an adorable inter-racial gay couple".
  • In "My Journey", J.D. is telling Turk how upset he is that Turk never talks about his feelings, while the patients of the week are an actual gay couple and carbon-copies of JD and Turk.
  • When Turk shows J.D. the engagement ring he's going to give to Carla:
    Turk: Well?
    J.D.: It's beautiful. But my parents will kill me if I marry a black guy
  • In the Season 8 finale, Carla asks JD whether Turk loves him more than her. She's relieved when she hears it's about equal.
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  • From "My Manhood":
    Turk: Dude, we're a little married.
    J.D.: I know, and I love it!
  • In "My Urologist", J.D. and Turk are right next to each other, leaning against a counter, when Kim appears behind them and slaps their asses.
    J.D.: *to Turk* Mm, that was nice, thank you.
    Turk: ... wasn't me.
    J.D.: *looks perturbed*

J.D. and Dr. Cox

  • There's also some minor Ho Yay in J.D.'s obsession with Dr. Cox. Here's what J.D. says when during a scene where he's pretending to be him:
    J.D.: Now let me get into character. Hating the world... clenching my jaw.... wishing I could love J.D. a little more....
  • The scene from "My Chopped Liver" when J.D. walked in on Cox's "bi-racial love fest" with one of the interns (not realizing it was just a part of rant Cox was delivering at the moment). He reacted as if Cox cheated on him.
  • JD compares the two of them to a married couple, Steve and Sandy Larkin, in My Philosophy Dr Cox doesn't exactly appreciate it, of course.

Other Ho Yay involving J.D.

  • J.D. also has a scene where Elliot's boyfriend Keith, while drunk, sometimes mixes up the rooms and ends up hugging and kissing him, with JD moaning in his sleep.
    J.D.: In my defense Keith's a decent kisser and anyone waking up this way would let out a pleasure moan!
    • The same clip hints at the same thing happening between JD and Turk while in college, which leads to an awkward moment when they both realize this at the same time.
  • And in another episode, it turns out J.D. has a history of photographing Keith in his underwear... and telling his girlfriend they were him.
    J.D.: Dynamite areolas, by the way.
  • And some Foe Yay between J.D. and the Janitor as well. One episode had this exchange:
    Janitor: When did you see my penis?
    J.D.: Last night, when you were showering.
    Janitor: Where were you?
    J.D.: I was outside in the bushes... *beat* Look it was just a coincidence, alright? If you'd looked out the window, you woulda seen my penis!
    Janitor: What? Why?!
    J.D.: Because I had it out while I was looking at yours! note 
  • In "My Friend the Doctor", when Danni asks Carla whether she'd rather sleep with Harrison Ford or Tommy Lee Jones, J.D. immediately responds, "Harrison Ford, hands down!"
    • Subsequently:
    J.D.: ...But you were probably talking to Carla. I'm having such a gay day!
    Carla: "Day"?

Other Ho Yay

  • Dr. Cox and Ben, full stop. Even if you don't count the gay chicken.
  • After Turk, Cox, and Kelso stay up all night trying to figure out what's wrong with a patient, they wake up the next morning with Kelso having rested his head on Cox's lap.
    Cox: Fair enough.

Les Yay

Carla and Elliot

  • One could also say there's a little bit between Carla and Elliot, though not until later seasons. Carla even once fantasized about being married to Elliot, but so did everyone else in that episode, so that toned it down a little.
  • Carla and J.D. were the only ones whose fantasy marriages were happy. Several episodes later, Carla plans a perfect bachelorette night for Elliot and exults "We're getting married!"
  • In the finale, Carla and Elliot try hugging in the style of Turk and J.D. They like it. Carla says "I love the feel of you."
  • How about Carla teaching Elliot about sex talk, by showing her a porno mag, with a woman with a teardrop tattoo on her bajingo. Elliot asks "Is it sad?" before leaving. Carla says "It does look sad... they always do." Been looking at a lot of them?

Molly and Elliot

  • Elliot suggests that they should make-out to convince the committee
  • At one point, Elliot suggests putting ointment on Molly's thighs. Everyone in the cafeteria stops to hear Molly's answer.

Denise and Sunny

  • It doesn't hurt that Denise is overly butch and Sunny is overly feminine.
  • Sunny is desperate to have Denise be her friend, trying to get her to come out, looks overjoyed when she arrives.
  • They even share a kiss when ad-libbing the sketch about Turk and J.D. mentioned above.
  • When Denise arrives at the bar, she drinks from Sunny's beer without asking. Sunny doesn't mind.
  • How about how willing Sunny was to be naked with and rub oil on Denise. Yeah.


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