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With many subplots dealing explicitly with the sex lives of the protagonist friend group, it's no wonder this earnesty can come off as intimacy. Notable moments include:

  • George admitting that men have been popping into his sexual fantasies in "The Note".
    • In the same episode "it moved" after getting a massage from a man, causing him and Jerry to question his sexuality.
  • Kramer accused George of being in love with Elaine's boyfriend, Tony, in the episode "The Stall".
  • Elaine rants about how men look ugly naked whereas "the female body is a work of art" in "The Apology".
    • Not to mention how she ogles Jane's nude bust in "The Hamptons".
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    • Writer and "the real Elaine" Carol Leifer is also publicly a lesbian.
  • Jerry quits bottling up his emotions in "The Serenity Now" and gushes about how he loves the others, Kramer and George included.
  • The entire episode "The Outing," where a journalist's impression that Jerry and George are a couple isn't helped at all by their being Like an Old Married Couple over whether a pear is clean.
  • In the episode "The Cartoon", George is dating a woman who everyone thinks looks exactly like Jerry.
    • George briefly allows himself the thought that adding sex to ”everything [he] has with Jerry” would ”somehow be exactly what [he’s] always wanted.”
  • The plot of "The Boyfriend" is basically a love triangle between Jerry, Elaine, and baseball player Keith Hernandez. Keith Hernandez is the one in the middle.
  • Kramer kisses Jerry full on the mouth in "The Kiss Hello". George witnesses it and finds the scene a little suspect.

....not that there's anything wrong with that.

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