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Drinking Game / Seinfeld

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It may be a show about Nothing, but it sure has a lot of stuff to drink to.

  • Take a shot when Kramer enters Jerry's apartment. Make it a sip if he's headed for the fridge.
  • Take a shot for every "Hello Newman".
  • Take a shot for every "That's a shame".
  • Take a drink for every "Who is this?"
  • Take two drinks if it's a Puddy episode.
  • Take a shot whenever George's parents yell/squabble.
  • Have a swig for every surprise guest appearance. Add a shot if it's Larry David.
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  • Sip for catchphrases written specifically for the episode (i.e. "These pretzels are making me thirsty", "You are soooo good-lookin", "No soup for you!")

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