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Drinking Game / Scrubs

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Heck, pick a bad episode and you might even end up in a real hospital. Anyway, the rules for the Scrubs drinking game:

  • Drink everytime JD has a fantasy.
  • Drink whenever JD talks in his head
  • Drink everytime Dr Cox calls JD by a girl's name.
  • Drink whenever there's a Ho Yay moment between JD and Turk.
  • Drink everytime Ted talks about his mother.
  • Drink everytime Dr. Cox gives a rant.
  • Drink everytime The Todd makes a lewd joke or calls for an "X-five".
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  • Drink everytime Dr. Cox whistles.
  • Drink everytime The Janitor tries to mess with JD.
    • Make it two if he succeeds.
    • Make it three if somehow someone turns the tables on the Janitor.
  • Drink every time The Todd and Turk 'Get Their X On'.

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