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Awesome Music / Scrubs

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  • "Overkill" from the episode Colin Hay guest starred in.
  • Try "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" from the second episode of the eighth season. Tear Jerker indeed. Also an example of Shown Their Work because it's actually one of the only mainstream uses that gets the point of the song right.
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  • "Alive With The Glory Of Love" by Say Anything for the Season 6 finale.
  • The Worthless Peons (Ted's acapella band) provided two undeniably awesome moments. The first was singing the theme to Underdog at the end of 1-23, "My Hero". The other was singing "Over the Rainbow" at the end of 5-07, the Wizard of Oz tribute "My Way Home". They also did a nice cover of "Eight Days a Week" at Turk and Carla's wedding.
  • There's weird, difficult to describe incidental music playing during JD's fantasies. It's highly evocative and suits the show to a tee.


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