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Les Yay
There seems to be more and more obsessive attempts to cultivate this between all of the female characters. Between confessions of how much their friendships mean to one another, to pictures of the girls holding hands, to Mizore and Kurumu's kiss... There's probably a few Les Yay moments per chapter.
  • The "Meaningless End-of-Volume Theater" strips in the volume where the midair kiss took place include Mizore blushing about how good kissing Kurumu felt ... and then it turns out she accidentally put a permanent charm on Mizore by kissing her, and they're shown collapsing to the ground while hugging (with Yukari thoroughly enjoying the spectacle).
    • In regards to Mizore and Kurumu in the second manga Mizore is almost raped by her fiance and attempts suicide because of it. Kurumu saves her and Mizore ends up breaking down into hysterics in Kurumu's arms.
  • Let's not forget Yukari and Kokoa's little moment after Kokoa takes the "growing drops" in the manga.
  • There's also the loli witch Yukari who harbors a crush on Moka even after joining Tsukune's harem. When introduced, she remarks about having crushed on Moka since they'd pass each other in the hallway and immediately gropes Moka's breasts, admiring their size compared to her own. In a later anime example, Yukari even goes so far as to state that her wish/dream is to have sex with Moka and Tsukune at the same time.
  • A female student once noted that Moka Akashiya "has the kind of beauty that charms even other women." Considering the events of Capu2 episode 1 where Moka is shown to have a huge fanclub of girls, this is entirely true. Also in the second season, Yukari, Kurumu, and Mizore are shown to have screaming fanclubs of girls dedicated to them as well. And that's without getting to what happens when the Moka decides to let her inner self out for one school day...
  • Also, Kokoa, Moka's half sister, is deeply in love with her vampire personality and gets nosebleeds at female fanservice.
    • She frequently likes to glomp her as well.
  • Aqua Shuzen is attracted to Moka too. She tends to blush frequently in regards to her. In chapter 37 she states while blushing "It's because I love Moka. Because I like her. Because I love her. Because I adore her. Because I want to protect her with my own hands." And in chapter 38 after seeing Moka again after a couple of years she states to herself while blushing that "So cute...isn't she a little too beautiful? I like her! I like her! I think I'm attracted to her! I hope I didn't go red. My heart was racing." She later in the same chapter states that Moka is the only one who can understand her and states while blushing that she hopes that she never has to leave her side. Not to mention when she gets all up in Moka's face in chapter 42 while blushing and stating how "cute" she thinks she is.
    • In chapter 52 Aqua goes Yandere and attacks Mizore and Kurumu saying that she will kill anyone who tries to take Moka from her.
    • In chapter 53 she also expresses much concern for Moka and blushes when Moka awakens while reaching out a hand to her.
    • In chapter 54 she calls Moka beautiful after she awakens and declares to her "Understand Moka. Your strength, your beauty, the fate you carry. They're all far too heavy for Tsukune and the others to handle. None of them can stand beside you, protect you, accept you. Out of everyone in the world the only one who can is me." She then tries to kill Tsukune and expresses much jealousy over Moka's and Tsukune's relationship. When she sees Moka and Tsukune hugging and opening their hearts to one another she freaks out.
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  • Despite getting attacked by Aqua in chapter 53 Kurumu gets back up and says she won't allow Moka to die. She tenderly puts her hand up against Moka's from the opposite side of a force field.
  • Kurumu and Mizore work together very effectively during the Floating Garden arc and are quite close, often holding hands to work a Combination Attack.

Ho Yay
  • Our hero Tsukune develops a strong admiration of School President Hokuto before and even after The Reveal. And then there's chapter 43 where Hokuto states how good he thinks Tsukune looks in their uniform. In chapter 38, in order to let Tsukune know that he does not consider them friends, he uses his abilities to lift Tsukune off the ground. Said... ability looks strangely like naughty tentacles.
    • In chapter 63, Tsukune remarks that he intends for all of them (Hokuto included) to return to the academy together, going so far as to support Hokuto himself when Hokuto tells him to leave him behind. Hokuto remarks that he has no attachments to the academy before correcting himself, saying it's not that he has no attachments while glancing at Tsukune.
  • Large amounts of Ho Yay can also be found between Tsukune and Fong-Fong Wong, whose obsessive attempts to get Tsukune to join the mafia have led the other members of his harem to believe that he's gay for Tsukune. It doesn't help that Fong Fong and Tsukune are both very pretty young men.
    • Fong-Fong still has his moments, such as where Tsukune decides to believe in Fong Fong and his fortune when no one else does and Fong Fong is shown in response to sparkle, clasp his hands, blush, and state "As expected of Tsukune-san".
    • During one of the body swapping incidents, Yukari gave Tsukune a Love Confession while in Wong's body.
    • In the final chapter, while the harem introduces themselves to Moka's father as his lovers, Fong-Fong also joins in on the teasing.
  • The epilogue has Tsukune refer to Moka's father as "hot" when he meets him for the first time proper.
  • The relationship between Hokuto and his Dragon Yoshii Kiria is even more blatant, just a step short of canon. Kiria actually says that he's jealous that Tsukune was able to melt Hokuto's heart.
    • In an omake, Kiria says cheerily he is not that into women.
    • Season II's Volume 13 cover, which is one of the very few cases where two boys share cover space. And of course, the two boys in question are Kiria and Hokuto.
  • One episode character and Charm Person Kotaro Ijuuin in Capu2. Not only did his voice captivate nearly every girl in earshot, when Handsome Lech Ginei attempted to stand up to him, even he was smitten.
  • Xia-Long and Fong-Fong, being former friends, have a lot of this in their relationship. Chapters 48 and 49 of Season 2 were at their peak for this pair.


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