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aka: Yokai Watch 2

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You're such a great brother, Komasan.

General Moments

  • There's something about about Komasan and Komajiro's brotherly relationship that is very sweet.

The Games

  • Mama Aura's character, and her healing powers are a Mother's Love and warmth, literally speaking. To any team member, even. There's also her Palette Swap, Auntie Heart, with basically the same moves with different names, and this information about her from the Yo-Kai Medallium:
    "Regardless of how bad a Yo-kai is, Auntie Heart's healing hug will make it pure again. That is some true kindness!"
    • Restoration Attribute Yo-Kai, in general, especially if they are Gentle or Tender in their attitude.
  • Three of the game's Yo-kai are more adorable than all the others in the series put together.
    • Noko. Perpetually smiling + constantly cheerful + goofy clover hat = the most huggable snake in the world.
    • Frostina. The adorable daughter every man hopes for. You'll cry tears of joy when you evolve her into Blizzaria and realize that your little girl has become a woman.
    • Toiletta. She may be based on what's essentially the Japanese version of Bloody Mary, but her shy personality, dark hair, adorable outfit, and sad face will make you want to hold her in your arms until the end of time.
  • One sidequest in the first game has you meeting a little boy in the knickknack shop; his age is unspecified, but he uses the same model as the kids at the preschool/kindergarten. He's in the shop because he wants to buy a ring... so he can "propose" to his "girlfriend." When you give him the ring, he hangs out in the shop practicing his proposal. Say it together, now: Awwwwwww.
    • In the second game, he and his "girlfriend" are at the preschool together, planning their "wedding." He says they need to make sure to invite Teacher. Double awwwww.
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  • After the credits, Nate/Katie goes for a walk, only to see that all their Yo-kai friends have returned to the human world. Katie's ending is even more touching as we see Whisper greet her with a respectful bow and then Katie grabs his hand as they run off together while laughing.
  • During the events of the second game, there's a quest where Jibanyan chooses to move out and a nekomata Yo-Kai who just happens to look like him shows up at Nate's/Katie's. The player doesn't recognize Jibanyan and he goes to the beach to sulk. Komasan, who just happened to be passing by, sees Jibanyan and goes over to comfort him. Awww...
  • In the second game, there are a couple who hang out in Uptown Springdale who are constantly giving each other bizarre compliments, like "You have alluring eyebrows" and "Your skin is as smooth as that of a black bass's." And yet, they love these compliments all the same.
  • The "King of Cicadas" quest has Nate/Katie give a man a rare cicada for his son. Checking back a real life week later will have him tell you the cicada died. But then Whisper tells them he senses the presence of a yokai, and using the radar will have you find Singcada. The Singcada reveals itself to be the same cicada you gave to the man, as both him and his son loved and cared for him so much he turned into a yokai after dying. Upon this, he gives you his medal as a thank you.
    • In a similar vein, in the past Harrisville, Nate/Katie find two boys arguing over whether a stag beetle or a rhino beetle is better. To complete the quest, you must choose one of them and bring a rare beetle of the one you chose. The two boys afterward come to the mutual agreement both beetles are cool and the boy you gave the beetle to is thankful for the beetle you gave him and promises to take good care of it, even joking it might outlive him. Upon using the radar in the same place the boys were in present day Harrisville after completing the quest, you'll find Rhinoggin/Beetler depending on which beetle you chose. They turn out to be the very same beetle that became a yokai after their owner took such good care of them in life, and gives you their medal as a sign of gratitude.
  • Sometimes when you're riding the trains in 2, you'll meet Mr. Johnson, your homeroom teacher. Even though Whisper is invisible, he thanks Mr. Johnson for "always looking out for my little [Player]." Even though this really embarrasses Nate/Katie, it's adorable to see how much Whisper really does care about them.
  • One of the Gates of Whimsy challenges has you suddenly appearing at your grandma's house, with your grandma nowhere to be seen. You have to run around to every room of the house looking for her. Once you check every room, she comes in the front door... with the young version of your grandfather. They ran into each other on a walk, and can't wait to catch up on all that's happened. Your grandfather gives you the Gate Globes, and Whisper gently urges you to leave to give your grandparents time to be together again, no matter how odd the circumstances.
  • The rematch against Massiface in Yokai Watch 2. All throughout the game, you join the "Ghost Club"—really just two of your classmates who like to hang out and discuss paranormal stuff—on various ghost-hunting expeditions. Each time, you encounter lots of Yo-kai, but they don't see anything. Finally, they hear rumors that the new Springdale Sports Club—built where the old Construction Site dungeon was in the first game—is haunted, and you go to check. When you get on the elevator, you're suddenly transported to the old dungeon, where Massiface attacks, saying that humans stole his home. After the battle ends, he apologizes, since you're not the one responsible for starting construction on the building again. As it turns out, your classmates can see him too—he made a replica of his old home in his dreams and illusionary Yo-kai friends, because he feels lonely and abandoned. Your classmates are so moved by his story they vow to come visit him every night and be his real friends.
  • When Nate moves back to Japan, all of his friends are already at the airport waiting for him to welcome him back.

  • One side quest in Yo-kai Watch 2 is about the friendship between Sproink and an elderly man. Although the man can't see Sproink, he always had a feeling he was there and asks Nate/Katie to give a towel to his yokai friend.
    Whisper: Isn't that nice? Friendship between a human and a Yo-kai! Just like the friendship between you and I!
    Nate/Katie: Hahaha, exactly!#
  • In Yo-kai Watch 3, after Hailey Anne helps out Megannote  and Maya, they invite her to hang out with them. It's mentioned that Hailey doesn't really have many friends due to her enthusiasm being viewed as weird, so it was very nice of them to include her.
  • Also in 3, the final Dr. Maddiman sidequest. When Hailey Anne learns he misses his family, he tracks them down and learns they passed away in Dukesville 50 years ago. Upon visiting their grave, she's attacked by Dr. Nocturne, who turns out to be Maddiman's son. Hailey tries to put together a reunion, but Nocturne leaves, leaving only a note a can of Maddiman's favorite drink. Despite not seeing him, that was enough to make the once menacing villain happy.
    • Following that, when Hailey returns home, her dad walks in the door after being absent the entire game. Turns out Dr. Nocturne decided to repay her for her kindness and get him back home.


  • #4: Hungramps reasoning to possessing a Everymart and making everyone go in to eat from there? In life, he was a grandfather who loved his granddaughter to bits, and bought a little teddy bear. When she got older, they slowly separated, and he eventually passed on. His desire to see his his granddaughter one last time, however, made him stay on Earth and became the Yo-kai he is today. Just he was about to leave, his granddaughter, now much older, passes by him, with that same teddy bear tied to her book bag as a memento.
  • #10, After Shogunyan sees Nate's reaction to Whisper's apparent "death" by getting sliced in two. He gets moved to tears by telling them how much Nate cared about Whisper.
    Shogunyan: Such beautiful friendship. *sniffs* You two share a powerful bond! Now I understand why you didn't share the cake. (Sniffs then gives the Yo-Kai medallion to Nate) I hope you'll be as good a friend *sniffs* to my descendant Jibanyan.
    Nate: What?
    Shogunyan: Farewell my friend! (Closes the closet door and sniffs one last time)
  • #19: Jibanyan's dream involves him protecting Nate, whom Jibanyan refers to as his best friend, from a speeding truck.
  • The entirety of the short story arc starring Komasan called "Komasan In Love" where he tries talking and interacting with a girl he saw at the coffee shop.
  • #24: Komajiro helping Komasan with his crush. He tries giving him some advice in episode 23 and gives him a leaf that will shapeshift him into a human. Komasan is still nervous about putting on the leaf, but Komajiro then tries encouraging him and tells him to not be shy and put it on.
  • While episode 25 "Jibanyan's Secret" is depressing and pretty sad. There are some heartwarming moments such as Jibanyan (While alive) eats ice cream for the first time which starts his love for anything chocolate related.
    • This line said by Jibanyan moments before he sacrifices his life also counts as a tear jerker
      Jibanyan: I love Amy and she loves me!
  • #26: The ending of the third komasan segment was this in a bittersweet way. He even comments that he is starting to like coffee which he previously wasn't fond of. And before he reveals that he is a Yo-Kai, he gives a speech to the women about him believing in Yo-Kai and mentions a Yo-Kai that resembled soft served ice cream (Whisper) amd a cat who tries hitting trucks (Jibanyan) while the scene cuts to brief scenes o f Yo-Kai Nate had befriended. He then proves her that Yo-Kai exists by sturggling pulling off his leaf as seen in the mirror while invisible in human form. She gets amazed and starts becoming very happy with him and quickly grabs a hold of him and gives him a bug hug much to the surprise of Komasan. Then there's Komasan's reaction to the sudden hug from the women he developed a crush on. and starts smiling. However before she starts sketching, Komasan is no where to be seen after that sudden hug.
  • #35, Cricky gives Nate's classmates and teacher cricks in their necks. Nate initially tells Jibanyan to fight him, but Cricky explains he's not here to pick a fight and admits what he's doing isn't nice and gives us his backstory. He used to be a normal frog and was taken in as a pet by a kind old lady running a massage clinic. A nearby spa clinic took many of her customers away. Cricky escaped his aquarium to find more customers for the masseuse but died when a cyclist ran him over. Now as a Yo-Kai, he makes people sleep badly so they'll have cricks in their necks so they'll hopefully visit the masseuse. When the group visits the massage clinic, they discover its been renamed "Froggy Massage Clinic" and the masseuse has regained many customers. The masseuse believes that Cricky is the one bringing in customers. Cricky then promises to never leave the masseuse's side.
  • #36, Eddie is possessed by the Yo-Kai Heheheel which makes him laugh at everything. This gets him and Nate in trouble since they're in a hospital. Heheheel reveals that he didn't mean to cause any trouble and was only trying to cheer up Eddie after his lousy day of dropping his phone in a toilet and had his fly down in front of the girls in their class.
  • #43: Nate, Katie, Bear and Eddie all enjoy this show known as 'Professor Vacant' and during the episode, have a good run with Nate pretending to be said character. He and his friends clearly enjoy it and it's nice to see Nate and his friends acting like kids for once, especially with what had happened the previous episode.
  • #45, the Yo-Kai Sandmeh possessed Eddie because he could sense Eddie calling for help and didn't want him to feel sad about his parents having to work on his birthday. At the end, Eddie ends up getting what he wanted by celebrating his birthday with his parents.
  • #48, Whisper and Jibanyan are evaluated for their Yo-Kai report cards. If they get nothing but "E's", they'll be turned into a figurine and sold. They both keep getting "E's". When the report cards arrive the next day, Jibanyan is able to pass with an "A" in the "How much your master likes you", category since Nate was worried about Jibanyan and didn't want him turned into a figurine. Jibanyan jumps into Nate's arms and tearfully thanks him.
  • #49: Komasan's Christmas present from Komajiro ends up being the purse he wears from Yo-Kai Watch 2 onwards. Komasan is never seen without it after this episode.
  • #64, the temporary new kid Ken being a big brother to the whole class. Eddie hurts himself running in gym class? He carries him. Bear spills his pudding during lunch? He gives him his pudding. Katie struggling to carry a huge stack of papers? He takes them off her hands. At the end, Ken and his parents leave by train and when he looks out the window, he notices the entire class (except for Nate, since he was saying goodbye to Bruff) waving goodbye with a banner that says "Farewell, Big Bro".
  • #94, OMGator's backstory reveals that his egg somehow ended up in a swan's nest, but his family loved him anyway and his siblings immediately came to his defense when the other swans ostracized him. Unfortunately, OMGator saw his reflection in the water and became a Yo-kai when he drowned out of shock. At the end, his family reunited with him and told him that whether he's a swan or alligator, he's still part of their family and return home with him.
  • #113, the five Yo-Kai that helped Hailey and Usapyon build their rocket earlier in the season have formed a band for a music show.
  • #123, the Detective Agency has been trailing Happierre for Dismarelda to find out why he's been seen with various other female Yo-kai, and it makes Dismarelda believe he doesn't love her anymore. As it turns out, Happierre was really talking to them so they could help him recreate a hair band he gave to Dismarelda back when they were humans, and she in return gives him a bouquet just like the one she gave to him then as well.
  • #168 has Kaeri Tie, a yokai that makes people and Yokai homesick. Jibanyan and the other Yokai living in Nate's house leave to their previous homes, except Whisper. When Nate asks him why, Whisper tells him that he will be with him forever and the two hug. Also, in the end, Jibanyan and the others eventually return to Nate's house much to his joy.
  • The Japanese opening 'Gerappo Dance Train' has a scene of Nate looking at memories of his adventures with Whisper and Jibanyan. Jibanyan then jumps into Nate's arms while Whisper flies to his side.
  • In episode 11 of the Shadowside anime, Jibanyan meets an adult Amy after protecting her daughter from shinigami. The whole sequence is beautiful.

The Movies

  • Hovernyan admitting to Nathaniel that Nathaniel is his hero.
  • Jibanyan and Amy finally reuniting in the second segment of the second movie.
  • The revelation of who Natsume's, Nate's daughter, mother is. It's Katie.

The Manga

  • Whisper gets little to no respect in the anime, in the Manga however, Nate will be concerned for Whisper whenever something bad happens to him. In one story involving Frostina, after she accidentally freezes Whisper, Nate is extremely worried and tries rubbing Whisper's frozen body until his hands are sore. Even Jibanyan jumps in to help without question when he's summoned.
    Jibanyan: What?! Whisper's in trouble! I'll use my big, warm, round body to help him!
  • Also in the manga, the story focusing on Whisper's past. After Nate unintentionally hurts Whisper's feelings by calling him a know-it-all, Whisper resigns as Nate's butler and leaves. Nate actually looks hurt by this, and after Jibanyan explains that he and Whisper were fighting over who was more helpful to Nate, Nate, with Jibanyan following, immediately run out of the house to look for Whisper, showing that the two do care about him. Then at the end, Nate is able to summon Jibanyan to the present, but when he sees Whisper isn't with him, he asks Jibanyan to help him look for Whisper and actually says he wants Whisper to stay by his side. Whisper, who was hiding in Jibanyan's mouth, hears this and tearfully jumps into Nate's arms.
  • In Dracunyan's chapter, Nate offers to let Dracunyan drink his blood. Dracunyan is so touched he starts crying and can't bring himself to do it. Knowing that Dracunyan can't survive without drinking blood, Gush offers to provide Dracunyan with blood whenever he needs it and Dracunyan thanks Nate for his kindness by giving him his medal.

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