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Drinking Game / Yo-Kai Watch

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  • Take a shot when Yo-kai loafing in battle.
    • Take 2 if it was its skill.
  • Take a shot when you give enemy favorite food that they liked it a tonnote , but it won't become friend with you.
  • Take a shot when you give enemy Yo-kai food that's not their favorite. Likely because you don't have one, or you don't know what their favorite food is.
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  • Take a drink if a Yo-kai you didn't intend to befriend wants to befriend you.
  • Take a shot if you failed to cancel an enemy's Soultimate.
  • Take a shot when an enemy removes your party positive inspirits.
  • Take a shot if you get "Boo" in a bonus scene.
    • Take a drink if you get a "Jackpot".
  • Take a drink when you obtained a VoltXtreme from vending machine.
  • Take a shot every time you get a low-rank Yo-kai or cheap item from Crank-a-kai.
  • Take 3 shots if you get an S-rank Yo-kai from Crank-a-kai.
  • Take 2 shots if you already had said Yo-kai from Crank-a-kai, 4 if actually S-rank Yo-kai.


  • Take a shot when someone calls Nate "average".
    • Take 2 if it was Katie.
  • Take a shot when Whisper claims that wasn't a Yo-kai.
    • Take 2 if he was actually right.
  • Take a shot every time Nate fantasizes about Katie.
  • Take a shot every time Nate summons Jibanyan.
  • Take a shot when Nate tries to confront a Yo-kai with Jibanyan, but he's being a Lazy Bum.
  • For Whisper fans, take a shot every time Whisper get Butt-Monkey/The Chew Toy/Cosmic Plaything treatments because he isn't popular
  • In episode 20, take a shot when someone says "Fabulous"
    • Take 2 if it was Dandoodle (which, since "Fabulous" is Dandoodle's catchphrase, and ergo he's the one who says it most of the time, might result in you getting as drunk as Manjimutt

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