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Yo-Kai Watch The games.

Shadowside is in an Alternate Continuity
Now that the original anime is getting a revival, it could discanonize Shadowside from its continuity and put a new timeline within the anime's canon.
  • Semi-jossed. "Present-day" Yo-kai have also been assigned the new tribes instead of retaining their old tribes.

Katie dies in Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki.
Her Yo-Kai form, Mee 2, appears in Sukiyaki. She must have unfortunately died in order to become a Yo-Kai, as that's what happened to Nate in the second movie.
  • Jossed; Mee 2 is the form Katie from her world takes when she's in Nate's world, like how Nate turns into Fuu 2 when he's in Katie's world.

The 4th Yo-kai Watch game will be adapted from the 4th film.
The 4th game will have a difference between the the 4th film. Natsume (Nate and Katie's Daughter), Touma, and Akinori will serve as playable characters. King Rasen will serve as the final boss of the game.
  • Confirmed

Yo-Kai Watch The anime.

Katie has a crush on Nate.
Probably, she's just better at hiding it then Nate, or it's that she's not the focus so we don't see her thoughts.

In the Minochi episode Katie's jealousy was focused on Nate, and it appears from the behavior of others inspirited by him that Minochi's powers are based around amplifying ones already present desire for attention from another, so it seems at least on some level that Katie wants Nate's attention.

  • Additionally, in the Suspicioni episode, Tattletell has Nate's friends tell him what they really think of him. Eddie and Bear admit that, of course, they really think he's their friend, and Katie admits that there's something about Nate's normalcy that she can feel comfortable around.

US Apyon is female or transgender.
Despite saying "he" is a boy he got into the maid getup in the final phantom K episode of the investigation episodes and is supposed to represent the queen suit for the card themed main yo-kai group. Either he's secretly a girl or Rule of Funny.

The US version of Shinuchi will be called Nervy Specters.
  • Half-jossed, half-confirmed. It's called Psychic Specters.

Zappary and Frazzel have Mismatched Eyes
What behind his right eye is Mark of the Supernatural. Possible guess:

Yo-Kai Watch was originally a Shin Megami Tensei Devil Children game

Gin and Kin took Whisper's knowledge of Yo-kai
  • The second game is a sequel to the first, so it seems a bit odd that Whisper would suddenly rely on a pad for info. This is because when his memory of Nate/Katie was taken, Gin and Kin made sure to remove his knowledge of all things Yo-kai so he'd be useless to the hero if there was a chance they got the watch back.

The fourth movie will sink the Natie pairing.
When it reveals what happened to Nate after he grew up, it'll show he either Did Not Get the Girl or he married someone else. Possibly Hailey.
  • Jossed. Katie is his wife and Natsume is their daughter

Nate knows that he will no longer see Yo-kai when he grows up
When Nate reaches 21, he will say goodbye to Whisper and Jibanyan, along with his Yo-kai friends expecting never to see them again. He will send the watch buried between space and time, and his memories of the adventures he had with his Yo-kai friends will be wiped away for good. After that, Nate will carry on with his life as normal. He will (possibly) marry Katie and have children of his own.
  • If he will have children of his own, one of them will have his old Yo-kai watch, and will carry on his legacy.

Nate gave up the watch and his Yo-kai friends when he became an adult
The reason Nate would never see Yo-kai ever again when he got older and his watch is now in space and time, is because he gave up his watch and seeing Yo-kai (including his friends Whisper and Jibanyan) for his family of his own (including his daughter Natume), even when is duties were finished. So that his daughter Natsume, his late son Keisuke, and his wife Katie could live out their lives as average. And it might be possible that not only would Nate gave up his watch and Yo-kai for his family and Natume, it's possible that he was starting to get tired of it and wanting to be free from all of this.
  • If Nate did gave up his watch, and ability to see Yo-kai, he might possibly regret it because of the Ominaro Virus and King Rasen. But his daughter Natsume and her friends Akinori, and Touma will defeat King Rasen, and restore peace and happiness to the world.

Nate is a fictional manga character and Lily wrote him
The events in the series takes place in manga series. Lily is real and she and her boyfriend Aaron were interested about supernatural creatures called yo-kai, and they made a manga about an 11 year old boy named Nathan who possess the watch which would allow him to see, summon, and befriend yo-kai. Lily and Aaron fictionalized themselves as his parents. Nate's friends bear, Eddie, and Katie are fictional manga characters also. Lily wrote some scripts about Nate getting into mischievous adventures like being naked most of the time thanks to some of his Yo-kai friends, and being funny, Aaron also fictionalized his father Nathaniel and his mother Lucy as children when Nate travels back in time. The Manga was a perfect successes after countless volumes, and Lily and her boyfriend Aaron became famous. After that, Lily and Aaron got married and later Lily gives birth to a baby girl (instead of a boy) and names her Katie (after one of her fictional characters). Both Lily and Aaron takes a break from the manga and raises their daughter. But after 10 years of hiatus, Lily and Aaron makes a new manga that would take place 30 years in the future where Nathan has grown up, completed his duties, and can no longer see Yo-kai, but they created new characters Akinori, Natsume, and Touma to take Nate's place as the main protagonist in order to stop the Yo-kai virus known as Onimaro, with the help of their new Yo-kai in the new Yo-kai watch manga volume. Then their daughter Katie grows up and marries the man of her dreams at the age of 25, and she later gives birth to 3 baby triplet boys and names them Nathan, Barnaby, and Eddie (after her mother's fictional characters). And she carries on her parents legacy to create new Yo-kai watch manga series, and creates manga of her own.

If Nate Wasn't Lily and Aaron's son
If Nate was not really the son of Lily and Aaron, he would have different skin, and his hair would be different color and different style (which means his hair would be extra long, and he wouldn't have cowlicks) and so would his eyes, he would be an orphan, but it is likely that Lily and Aaron would adopt Nate as their own. But Nate would not call them mom and dad, he would just call them by their names instead. It would make Nate feel uncomfortable if he did calls them Mom and Dad.

If Nate was never born
Lily wouldn't want to go through child birth and she and her husband Aaron would decide to adopt a child instead, possibly a girl perhaps instead of a boy. But even if Nate never did existed, the girl would obtain the Yo-kai watch and she would see summon and befriended Yo-kai instead of Nate. She would be friends with Katie along with the other girls in her school, and she would not know Bear or Eddie, and would not have anything to do with them. And even so The girl would grow up, completed her duties, and can no longer see Yo-kai, but she would have children of her own that will have Yo-kai watches of their own, and carry on their mother's legacy.
  • On the other hand, the reason if Nate would never existed is that Lilly would suffer miscarriages. but despite the miscarriages, Lily and her husband would still adopt a child. And he or she would obtain the Yo-kai watch
  • Another reason Nate would never existed is because both Lily and Aaron would fight all the time. Then they would realized that their marriage was a mistake, and they would decide to get a divorced making them go their separate ways never wanting to see each other again. Both Lily and Aaron would leave Springdale and starts dating other people, Aaron would date a different woman, get married, and he and his new wife would have 4 kids of their own, and Lily would marry a different man, and would have 2 kids of their own. But it is possible that one of Aaron and Lily's kids would obtain the Yo-kai watches.
    • Or the fact if Nate would never existed is that Lily and Aaron would never met. And they would still be married to someone else and still have kids. And their kids would still own the Yo-kai Watch.
  • If Nate then the "for want of a nail" trope would be in full action, because:

    • 1.Jibanyan would never find a human to bond with and instead would still fighting trucks in the alley.

    • 2.Whisper would be never freed.

    • 3.In the first game, Mc Kraken would still be the de-facto ruler of the Yo-kai World.

    • 4.In the second game and the first movie, Dame Dedtime would avert the creation of the Yo-kai Watch and thus, she would still be a menace to whoever happened to hold one of its models.

    • 5.In the second movie, Lord Enma would never changed Nurarihyon's views on humans for not having witnessed events to support his ideas.

    • 6.In the third game, Gogogo Godfather would have succeeded in causing chaos in the Yo-kai World. Also Mac would never made up things with Betty-san, the FBY agents would not have known of Yo-kai, Dr. Francie would be alone to fight the zombies, and so on.

    • Note that Nate, as if turned out in the second game and most of the franchise, was a vital point to most of the events concerning Yo-kai. anyone would doubt thing would have played in the same manner should another child would have got the Yo-kai Watch. Instead, having another human alongside Nate and Hailey to explore the world of Yo-kai would add a nice tune to the concert that is the story of Yo-kai.
    • But Even if Nate never did exist, Someone else might freed Whisper, befriended Jibanyan, and make things right. Maybe ether Eddie or Bear would obtain the Yo-kai watch instead of Nate, and become heroes.
    • or maybe Katie would be the main character of the anime if Nate never existed.
    • Aaron's mother Lucy would be disappointed in her son and Daughter in law for not wanting a child. They would grow old without a child of their own, and then passed ending the Adams legacy for good.

Touma will marry Natsume when they grow up.
And then they will have children of their own. They would possess the Yo-kai watches and carry on their parents, and their grandfather's (Nate's) legacy.

There will be Sequels and spinoffs after the fourth yo-kai watch film.
They will make new series (just like how Yu-gi-oh and Digimon got new series) with new heroes, villains, etc,
  • The new series will take place after the events of the 4th film. Akinori, Natsume, and Tōma will have a big roll in the show with their Yo-kai.They would battle the forces of evil, and there will be a greater evil.
    • Confirmed Also, Keisuke (Natsume's Younger brother) is in the new series.

  • There will be another Series after Akinori, Natsume, and Tōma's adventure. The new series will take place in the further future where 2 scientists with their 6 month old baby son whom is a great, great, great, great, grandson of Nate Adams. He would have some cowlicks on his hair like Nate and Nathaniel. His parent would be working on an experiment that would cure cancer, but suddenly 2 killer robots came and kills the baby boy's parents in order to collect the experiment to halved it reversed and use it as a weapon.The robots tries to kill the baby, but Suddenly a woman with dark skin and long burgundy hair and is a human/Yo-kai hybrid with Lion Ears, teeth and a tail. and with Rank A Lightning powers springs into action, destroys the robots, and rescues the baby and realized that both his parent are dead. After that she would take the baby boy home with her and adopts him as her own son. At her home Jibanyan and Whisper, along with few other Yo-kai sees her with the baby boy Whisper and Jibanyan take a look at him and realized that he is a decedent of Nate. Whisper, Jibanyan, and the other Yo-kai helps her raise the baby boy and she names him Maigo (Which means lost Child in Japanese 迷子) 6 years halved passed and Maigo's new mother gave him the Yo-kai watch (which was Nate's watch) that will protect him from harm. And he his new mother, and the other Yo-kai will fight the forces of evil.

If Nate had freed an evil Yo-kai instead of Whisper
If Nate discovered something else instead of a Crank-A-Kai, he would unleashed an evil Yo-kai instead of Whisper. The Evil Yo-kai would halved possess Nathan to do his bidding. The Evil Yo-kai would possess Nathan to kill both his parents (Lily and Aaron) in their sleep, give him evil powers, and transforms him into an adult and sets out to help him rule the universe. But there would still be hope, Katie, Barnaby (Bear), and Edward (Eddie), would discover a Crank-A-Kai Freed, Freed Whisper, Obtain Yo-kai watches, and later befriended Jibanyan. And they would stop at nothing to free Nate from the Evil Yo-kai possession, and defeat him.

Nate fell to the dark side which resulted him to lose his ability to see Yo-kai and his watch
Nate was consumed by King Rasen. Making him his puppet by murdering both his parents, making Nate believe that they will harm him. And it might be the possibility that his father Aaron had started to go hard on him like his mother Lily most of the time. And at the age of 21, he helps Rasen to over throw the human race. But Katie whom now has a Yo-kai Watch, and with the help of Whisper and Jibanyan confronting Nate. But fortunately for Katie and her new Yo-kai friends, King Rasen betrayed Nathan and left him for dead. Katie and her Yo-kai comrades found Nathan wounded and unconscious, after wards Katie might halved defeated King Rasen.

After that Lord Enma and the other Enma Tribe made a decision to erase Nate's memory re frame him as an average man, and sends his watch buried between space and time. After that Katie gives up the watch, and said her goodbyes to her Yo-kai friends. Then Nate woke up and doe's not remember anything. Katie re introduced herself to Nate and halved him reacquainted around.

Nate and Katie started to fell in love, and after that they got married, and now have children. One is Natsume whom has taken her father's place with a watch of her own, and Kiesuke Nate's youngest son.

On the other hand, Katie manages to bring Nate Back to the light side and defeated King Rasen. But afterwards, the Enma Tribe Yo-kai punishes Nate by stripping him from his ability to see Yo-kai, his memories, and his watch for good. He agrees stating that he doesn't deserve the watch not after what he had done, and what he planed to do. They did so, but Katie still gives up her watch. And after that, Katie still marries Nate and later have 2 kids, Natsume and Kiesuke.

Kiesuke will get his own watch in the new series
After he discovers a Yo-kai Detective team, and becomes involved in strange incidents related to Yo-kai. He might obtain a watch of his own, and he will help his sister Natsume and her friends Akinori, and Touma to fight the evil Yokai.
  • Confirmed

The 4th game will have another collaboration
The second game had Don-Chan from Taiko no Tatsujin, and the third game featured Mooglenyan and Chocobonyan, I think this time around, since the game has a much darker tone, they should crossover with the ShinMegamiTensei series.

There might be a Forever friends series.
Shin and his friends Itsuki, and Tae will serve as the main protagonists in the sereis alongside their Yo-kai friends Nekomata, Suu-san, and Kappa(Salaryman). They will work together to fight Wicked Tribe Yo-kai, and possibly some other Yo-kai far eviler. Nathanil, and Hovernayn will make a cameo. The series will serve as a prequel to the original series.

Nate will get naked in the new sereis
Well sense it happened in some episodes of the the original series, it might as well happen in the revival series.

We will learn more about Whisper's past in the new series
Depsite being one of the main characters, we know very little about Whisper's past other than that he used to Inspirit people to act like know-it-alls, he used to work for Ishida Mitsunari/Shogun Waitington during the Sengoku period, and that he was trapped in a capsule for 190 years before he was released by Keita/Nate.

Specifically, the new series might give a proper explaination on why he had gotten trapped in the capsule in the first place or maybe give a brief glimpse into what Whisper may have been like when he was alive since the audience already knows what Jibanyan and US Apyon looked like before their deaths and it would be fitting for another mascot character to get the same treatment.

Lily will eventually hit Nate
Sense Lily is still upset with her son in the revival series, she could commit child abuse on him. And deep down, she really wants to hurt him.

Alternative Title(s): Yokai Watch 1, Yokai Watch 2, Yokai Watch 3


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